Do You Have Curb Appeal? Five Things You Can do to Be Proud of Your Front Yard

One of the main features of the home is the yard, which often determines the overall aesthetic of the property and how attractive it looks in the neighborhood. Although a well-kept lawn and flower bed can look pleasing, there are several ways to enhance the space for a yard that truly stands out.

Front Yard


1. Add a Decorative Feature

Use a decorative feature that can work as the focal point in your yard, which can increase the home’s value and also make the property look more interesting. A three-tiered fountain or even a mini pond can work to welcome guests and keep the home updated. If you don’t have much of a yard to add a larger decorative feature you can add something to the house. Flower boxes, shutters can really improve the look of the front of your house without taking up a lot of room.

2. Add Lights

Lights that are installed along the walkway or perhaps reflect onto the home near the plants will enhance different features of the yard and make it look attractive at night. It will also work to create a welcome environment that can also enhance the overall security of the property. Wherever you choose to put the lights make sure they match the design of the house. A modern looking light fixture on a log house will look jarring and could make your taste look tacky instead of classy.

3. Repair Dead Spots

Most homes have a tree or two in the yard for added shade and a beautiful landscape that looks anything but bare. With this dead spots may occur near the roots where grass does not always grow due to a lack of nutrients. Make use of the area by planting a few flowers or by adding gravel with the help of places such as All Valley Sand and Gravel.

4. Edge the Driveway

It can be difficult to dress up a driveway, but it’s possible to allow it to look cozier with a border that consists of stones or bricks. This will add definition and a decorative detail to the yard for a simple, but elegant feature. Depending on the size of the drive way you could even line it with a flowerbed.

5. Add a New Mailbox

Mailboxes are often installed in specific areas that stand out and are easily accessible, which can either detract or add to the look of the home. Add a new mailbox for a modern style that still looks traditional and complements the overall look of the home. The upgrade should only take an hour to install and is affordable, as most mailboxes retail for under $100.

Your front yard is often the first impression made to those passing by and should reflect your personal style and taste. Instead of simply keeping up on the yard by trimming the shrubs, work to incorporate unique features and maintain the condition of the home for a yard that is welcoming and attractive.

Erin Emanuel