Curtain Call – Four Fun (and Unconventional) Places to Use Curtains in Your Home

If you like to think outside the box when it comes to home décor, you likely enjoy creating, crafting, and putting together a look that reflects your own personal style rather than buying all your décor pre-packaged and lacking personality. If you’re a fan of innovative home designs, there lies a fountain of untapped potential in the realm of curtains. You might think you’ve mastered window treatments, however there are plenty of non-traditional to hang curtains that will add a unique look to any room. Read on to find inspiration for some clever ways to use your curtains for something other than keeping the sun from shining in.


In Lieu of Closet Doors

Many homes have pesky old sliding closet doors which rarely slide open smoothly, and limit the amount of clothes you can fit in the closet. Other closet doors take up too much space when they are opened, so many homeowners opt to take the door off its hinges and leave the closet open. If you’d like to add a little privacy to your closet without leaving a chunky, outdated door on the hinges or tracks, you can easily hang a curtain in the doorframe. This is also a great way to add bright colors or bold patterns to the room without it being overkill. You can even match your closet curtain to the throw pillows on your bed, or other elements of your bedroom décor.

closer door curtain

Instead of Vanity Cabinet Doors

You might not want to replace your entire bathroom sink, but exposed pipes under the sink often create an eye-sore for bathroom décor. You can easily create a “skirt” for your bathroom vanity to cover the exposed pipes and stash some items under the sink like toilet paper, extra towels, etc. Not only will the skirt add a stylish touch to the bathroom, but it will provide you with a convenient storage space that will hide away any item without the need for cabinet doors.

cabinet doors curtains

On the Patio

To block the sun and add style to a boring patio, curtains can be used to create a little beach oasis right on your back porch. For patio curtains, it’s best to use a material that won’t get trashed by the environmental elements. You may choose a heavy material that can withstand weather and is less likely to blow around. However, if you want to create a luxurious space, you can choose light, flowy curtains that will billow around the porch. If you go with a lighter material be sure to tie back the curtains with tassels so that they don’t tear if the wind gets fierce.

Patio curtains

Stow Away the Washer/Dryer

In some homes, washer/dryer hookups are located in rather inconvenient areas like the kitchen, bathroom, or other open areas. If you don’t have the luxury of having a separate laundry room that is tucked away, you can cover up the washer and dryer when they aren’t in use. Whether your washer and dryer are stacked vertically, or sit side by side, you can install a rod and hang curtains in front that can easily be pulled away when you’re ready to use the machines. This will make any room more aesthetically pleasing since your eyes will go straight to a fun pattern or beautiful color instead of a clunky machine.

curtains for home

You may prefer blinds or shades for your windows, but as you can see, there are plenty of uses for curtains besides hanging over a window. The fun part about using these unconventional ideas is that you can easily switch out the curtains for different patterns or colors once you’ve installed the rod. If you love switching up your home décor from month to month, consider using one of these creative options for curtains that will add a splash of personality and versatility to your home décor. Information for this article was provided by the window experts of Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd., who sell windows and doors in Ottawa, and specialize in various kinds of window treatments.

Erin Emanuel