How New Curtains Can Give a New Look to Any Room in Your House

Bored with the current interior decorating in your house? You don’t necessarily need to toss all the decorations out and do a complete overhaul; just adding new curtains to a room can make it look vastly different and increase its appeal.

Curtains serve the practical purpose of helping to block out the elements like light and sound, but they’re also a key part of the aesthetic appeal of any room. Similar to the trim on a house or the icing on a cake, curtains can create a color contrast with the rest of the room and serve as a subtle ornament, adding interest and energy to what might otherwise be plain or boring. However, drab or worn out curtains can have the opposite effect, making a room seem stuffy and lifeless. If your curtains seem to be sucking all the energy out of the room, here are some tips for how to redecorate with new ones.


Lighten up. If your room has a lot of dark furniture in it or isn’t getting a lot of light with your current shades, trade them out for light-colored or even white curtains. This small change will significantly lighten the whole room and is an especially great look for the summer.

Go dark. Are you having a whiteout problem in your room because you went with light furniture, white walls, and a “less is more” aesthetic? One thing that can add contrast (and block out light and sound, if it’s your bedroom and you’re having trouble sleeping in) are blackout curtains. With this one single accessory, you can turn a light room into one that revels in darkness when the curtains are drawn and the lights are off. And when they’re on or the curtains are open, you’ll have something that draws focus.

Think sheer. This may not be the best option when you need to use your curtains for privacy, but sheer curtains are a great way to brighten up a kitchen or living room as can be seen here. For a kitchen window, try buying or making café-style chiffon curtains for a vibrant and chic look.

Get colorful. If you have white walls and white or light-colored furniture, you may have a sleek modern look going, but your room may also be lacking interesting focal points. Keep the modernity but add some interest by choosing curtains that will accent the room with a vibrant color. Colorful curtains with broad white ties also create a great contrast.

Divide the color. Curtains with broad stripes in different colors are another great way to add interest to a room and could work particularly well with a room that has a 1960s “mod” design.

Get an embroidered look. Curtains with delicate embroidery around the edges are a great way to add understated elegance to a room.

Patch it up. Purchase patchwork curtains—curtains that are all one fabric but made up off different blocks of color—to add a bold statement to a room. These types of curtains are best if you have a lot of solid colors than your room rather than a bunch of other patterns that the curtains would be competing with.

Add a trim. Get curtains that have a narrow trim towards the top and the bottom of the curtains to break up the monotone with solid-colored curtains.

Hang high. Designers typically hang curtains about six inches above the actual window, but you can hang curtains higher and have them cascade to the floor for a dramatic effect.

Get creative with your materials. If you feel like being adventurous, brighten up any room with curtains made from an unusual fabric, like lightweight denim. Just make sure that the fabric you choose fits well with the general ambiance of the room.

Now, that you’ve (hopefully) been inspired to spruce up your house with new curtains, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when buying them:

  • Fabric weight: Try to get a nice medium-weight material. If the fabric is too heavy, the curtains might not look good when drawn, and if they’re too light, they might not fall well when opened.
  • Color: Although colorful curtains are a great way to brighten a room, they will fade over time if placed in a room that gets a lot of natural sunlight. If you do choose bright colors for a well-lit room, consider trading out your curtains every now and then.
  • Length: Be sure to measure from the top of your windows to your floor before you purchase curtains, and know how high above the window you want to hang the curtains. Also make sure that you add four to eight inches to the width of the window to make sure the curtains are full enough.

New curtains are a chic and relatively inexpensive way to add home décor interest to a room.  Before going on a complete interior decorating binge, try getting new curtains and see what kind of effect they have on the rooms in your house.

Author Bio: Juliana Weiss-Roessler is a writer with her husband Josh. Her writing has been featured on high-traffic websites, such as, and in major publications, such as PARADE and People. Follow her on TwitterGoogle+, and Facebook.

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