How To Truly Customize Your House

You’ve just made the biggest and maybe most important decision of your adult life so far. You’ve bought your first house, and it already feels like it’s been yours all along. But how do you actually make sure that your house and everything inside it really does reflect your personal tastes and decorating dreams? Here are some tips to putting the you in YOUR house.

Showcase your Hobby

If you love fine art, photography, theater, sailing, or anything, let it show! There is no better way to convey your favourite interests than by decorating your home with some items that remind you of your passions and help bring them to life. If your family loves the theater, frame some vintage theater posters around the living room and bedroom. If you love to sail, add some nautical elements to the bathroom and make it into a makeshift beachfront cabana.

Even better, if you or someone in your family has a special talent or is an accomplished professional in any field, make a point of hanging their trophies, ribbons, medals, diplomas, certificates, etc. in an interesting display or shadowbox and turn these accomplishments into a personal work of art. It will make you smile not only for what it represents but for the sense of personalization it brings to the interior of the house. You can even try implementing some of the items your hobby uses by using the materials to create a unique and personal display to serve as an eye-catching storage piece. Gather your sports items, your dancing shoes and costumes, your captain’s hat and old fishing rods and arrange them on a bookshelf, hang them from a coat rack, or simply collect them in a corner and arrange them in a simple display. This will really give your home a personality and will become a sincere reflection of you and your family.


Photos & Photo Albums

Photos are a no-brainer when it comes to customizing your home. They are often the first thing we want in the room when we move into the house and are often what helps a new home really being to feel like home. You can get very creative with them, and find interesting and unique ways to display the photos throughout the house. Collect old photos from your grandparents and great-grandparents, and create a heritage display with photos of them from when they were young, perhaps some black and white family photos that will emulate a vintage feel.

Consider not only what you want to display but also how you display it. Hang similarly themed photos in groupings, and intersperse them with art arrangements and accessories. Showcase your own travel photos from your favourite trips as well, grouping them by country, city, colour theme, or theme of the photos themselves. It’s a wonderful way to remember your experiences and to liven up the space as well.


Exemplify your taste through acessories

Use accessories to personalize your space. Small things like lamps, throw pillows, shower curtains, and mirrors can quickly change the look of a room. Or accessorize with something bigger, maybe patio furniture like a unique outdoor mosaic cafe set or even splurge on some brightly coloured outdoor loungers from a luxury furniture designer like Cosh Living. When purchased thoughtfully, these items can help you personalize your outdoor space in a way which reflects you and your tastes. However you decide to customize your house, soon enough your home will start to feel like a real part of the family.


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Erin Emanuel