Damp Proofing: Why It Is Important & How to Choose a Contractor

Damp proofing is very important in any property. If you are not sure what damp proofing is or why you might need to hire a specialist, here is a guide to everything you need to know including how to go about finding a professional damp proofing company to provide you with a high-quality service that will prevent your property from becoming affected by a serious damp problem.

Damp proofing

Why is Damp Proofing Important?

Professional damp proofing is important because it helps to prevent the presence of damp in the home. Many homes suffer from problems with damp, but with the proper treatment you can protect your home and make it a much more pleasant place to live.

The problem is most common in older homes where a damp proof course has not been fitted. Courses come in a range of different forms, but the aim is always to prevent damp from entering your home.

If damp does become a problem in your home, it can lead to mould, unpleasant smells and even structural damage, so it is always important to make sure your home is protected from damp.

How Do You Know Your Property Is Affected?

There are many signs to look out for to find out whether your home is suffering from damp. One of the most common visible signs is mould, which can appear on the walls and ceiling and is black in appearance. However, you may also notice an excess of condensation in your home, which often appears on the windows, and you may even see small pools of water on the floor. Window frames may start to crack, paint might peel from the walls and masonry may crumble from the walls that are affected, so these are all signs that you should look out for.

How to Choose a Damp Proofing Company?

When looking for a professional damp proofing professional to protect your home from damp, start by asking around for recommendations. Happy previous customers are the best advertisement for a damp proofing professional, so ask everyone you know if they can recommend anyone.

You should also do some online research to find out what other people are saying about damp proofing companies. If there are a lot of negative reviews it may be worth looking elsewhere until you find a company that has more positive reviews.

Qualities that you should be looking for in any damp proofing company that you hire include:

– A lot of experience in damp proofing properties

– A company that carries out the work itself rather than subcontracting

– All of the correct credentials and full guarantees

– Real testimonials that you can check

– A team made up of skilled and qualified professionals

Find a company that has all of the above qualities and the chances that they will carry out a high-quality job will be greatly increased.

Hire a Specialist to Avoid Damp Problems

Damp is a terrible problem to have in your home or in any building, so make sure your damp proofing is carried out to a high standard by a professional contractor. Damp can lead to a range of serious problems, so use the tips above to find a specialist with the relevant experience to provide you with a high-quality service and help to prevent a serious damp problem from arising.

Author Bio: This is a guest blog from A. Dobing & Co., providers of high-quality damp proofing. Essex residents and people living nearby can hire them for a professional damp proofing service in any type of property, so for more information visit their website.

Erin Emanuel