Decorating Your House Using Science

We all have our own ideas and inspirations of how we’d like our house to look but sometimes our tastes may not be the best for the feel of the place.

Wimdu, the online platform offering private accommodation, have looked at 5 of the best ways we can use the art of science and applying neuro-architecture to decorating our home – which can help have a massive impact on boosting our mood.

Neuro-architecture is the study of how the brain and body respond to different build environments. Our brains can be applied to architecture via sensation, learning, emotion, movement and decision-making.

Some of the tips included in their recent infographic involve dim your bedroom lights, which can help not only promote better sleep but also help you feeling more positive when you wake up in the morning. Another suggestion involves incorporating soft geometry into your home. By focusing on key pieces, for example round cushions, you can encourage contentment and a recent study found that round décor even encouraged more brain activity.

Take a look at the infographic below and get experimenting with how you can use science to boost your mood around the home.


Erin Emanuel