How to Decorate Your Living Rooms with Fancy Rugs – Tips for Moms

Traditional or contemporary, rugs are an easy means to spruce up your home décor. As a mum, your top priority would be to achieve functionality in your home setting; followed by style. Here are six handpicked tips to help you strike a balance between fancy and functional while using rugs to decorate your living room.


Cozy Playroom Space

The feeling your living room is underused is haunting if the vast space of your living room and the furniture are seldom used. Why not transform it into something your kids will appreciate? By setting up a cozy playroom space in a corner of your living room, you are not only making your living room functional, you are adding interest to your space. Add a colorful area rug to redefine this playroom space; this way you have two living room area rugs – both serving a purpose of their own.

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An Open Floor

A large living room can be transformed into an open floor plan to utilize the space to the fullest. Pairing your living room with a dining area is a definite way to use maximum space and also to engage not one but two area rugs.

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Play With Placing Pattern

Especially if you choose to live with a smaller area rug, you still want to make it look sufficient for your living room. Break the rules of placing furniture systematically to utilize the entire space of your area rug. Consider placing large furniture in way to perch on the end of a rug so the smaller ones can sit on the rug comfortably. It might seem at random, but never ignore the power of angled corners for the smaller furniture pieces; the best possible way to utilize these perfect 90 degree angles.

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Layer Appropriately

Layering is a surefire way to add interest while adding on to the size of your small area rug. By adding a much decorative rug on a cheaper sisal or jute rug, you are bringing about a transformation to the plain brown in a cheap base rug. With a plethora of beautiful Bokhara rugs available in all sizes, you can easily choose to double smaller ones for a relatively less price. Bokhara carpets offered by reliable online rug merchant are a definite aid to decorate your living room the inexpensive yet fanciful way.

Just Enough

Don’t get disheartened if you are stuck with a way too small an area rug in your living room. Even if you don’t get that oh-so-soft underfoot feeling you sure can use it in your living room décor. Instead of making this small rug a free floating one that makes it look insignificant, use a very small sized rug to define the space of a coffee table or an ottoman. A small area rug is best used on hardwood flooring to flaunt just the right amount of beautiful wood flooring while using a rug.

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Captivate With Symmetry

Balance can bring about a calming effect to your living room. Makeover your room by creating a wall-to-floor mirror image on either side of your room. While aiming at a symmetrical look, the rule of thumb is to use a focal point that can take the center stage; this could be a natural architectural feature such as a fireplace or a large window. An area rug is no exception to serve as a focal point – use a patterned area rug to strike a perfect symmetry in your living room

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