Decorating The Inside Of Your Log Cabin With Traditional Styles

Now you have your log cabin set up and rearing to go, you may want to start thinking about how you are going to decorate it. A simple wooden interior with no sense of color will create a bland look, and the efforts you spent on building it will go to waste.

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If you want to create a traditional look for your log cabin then you should opt for colors such as:

  • Crimson
  • Cream
  • Velvet

These will truly bring out a deep sense of color, creating a traditional look for the log cabin. You should also consider using a multitude of colors if you desire further creativity.

By having a border around the centre of the walls, you can paint the bottom half velvet and the top half cream, thus lightening the room whilst also adding a touch of personality.


Decorations play a key part in designing your log cabin, and contrary to popular belief you don’t need to have a mounted Elk head on your wall in order for it to look traditional. Having flowing drapes, and candles mounted on the walls can do wonders for your cabin, think about using long cream candles with a wrought iron holder, this against the crimson background will deliver a truly gothic, traditional, and deep feel.


Accessorize your log cabin, don’t just settle for the ordinary, allow yourself room for experimentation and new ideas. Hang lanterns from the ceiling instead of your average light fixture, although you need to remember that your cabin is indeed made from wood, so if you are having fire orientated decorations you need to have some form of fire precautions installed should the unfortunate occur, a small, compact fire extinguisher will do fine in this situation.


When choosing the floor for your log cabin, you should look at all angles. Remember that your log cabin is outside, so choosing a long haired carpet might not be ideal if you have to walk across your garden to gain access. This is simply due to the fact that you will trail mud through your log cabin, and this can become notorious when trying to clean. A short haired carpet will be fine, as the short hairs do not trap dirt as easily, and the carpet is much easier to Hoover when required. You could also consider using a laminate floor; a dark mahogany color would look stunning when used in conjunction with the other features. Before you start purchasing items for your log cabin, you should ensure that you know exactly what features you want before you commence your shopping trip. This is simply because if you don’t have a set idea, you may end up with miss-matched items creating a contrast between colors within your cabin.


Lighting can be a great way to brighten your log cabin, it can make the space feel bigger and can truly emphasize the features within. By placing a light fixture either side of decorations you can draw attention to them, making them stand out. When choosing your lights don’t just settle for plain and basic bulbs, look out for interesting and intricate designs. When designing the interior to your log cabin it is important that all of your decorations work together as a whole, and your lighting should be no less of a consideration. Try not to purchase the brightest light bulbs you can, you don’t want to be dazzled as soon as you enter the room, and you don’t want to be surrounded by darkness during your stay, so try to find the medium between the two, finding a light fixture that not only provides you with an adequate lighting source, but also adds decoration to your cabin.

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Peter Farnsworth is an interior designer; he prefers that you have to spend time in designing your cheap prices log cabins. Choosing the right color scheme is crucial, and it can play a vital part in your design, so ensure you choose the right colors when planning your interior décor.

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