Guide to Choosing Decorative Accents for Your Home

If you feel like your home needs a bit of your own personal touch, consider adding some decorative accents to make your house feel much more cozy and enjoyable. By adding just a few of these throughout the home, you can turn an otherwise dreary and drab house into a welcoming abode that looks great. In order to assist you, here is a guide that will help you choose decorative accents for your entire home.

decorative accents for home

See The Big Picture

The first thing that you’ll want to do is consider the overall theme of the home. If you prefer a more modern style, then keep that in mind as you start to look at accents. Modern designs typically revolve around a minimalist style, which means you’ll need to pick bold items that really stand out. On the other hand, if you are someone that prefers more traditional designs, then you will want to prepare accordingly as you start to piece together accents throughout your home. The choice is up to you, but having a better understanding of your goals will help you find the right pieces throughout the house.

You will want to take your design palette into consideration when choosing accents. A bright blue glasswork sculpture, for instance, will look terribly out of place in a room of traditional patterns and neutral colors. Choose accents which deviate only slightly, if at all, from your established design palette. Keeping color swatches of your paint and upholstery colors on hand while you shop for accents is a great way to select suitable pieces.

Light Up The Room

The lights that you put throughout your home are going to be some of the most important accents that you select. Lights naturally draw attention, so it’s important that you give a bit of extra thought into what type of lamps you want throughout your home. What’s great is that you can select anything from standing lamps to hanging chandeliers, and they will all light up the house. If you have smaller rooms with dim corners, try putting decorative tables and small lamps in these. If your rooms are large and appear cavernous at night, standing lamps are great for brightening these up.

Rugs Are Good For Multiple Purposes

Rugs are great for accept purposes throughout your home. However, they also will help you keep floors and carpets clean as well. When picking out a rug, a specialist from Babayan’s says to consider the size of the room and the overall theme. You don’t want to pick a rug that is too large, or else it will look overwhelming and inconsistent. On the other hand, selecting a rug that is too small will make it difficult to add additional furniture to the room.

Every homeowner is going to have their own unique taste for when it comes to decorating their home. However, no matter what the taste is, decorative accents shouldn’t be overlooked during the process. With accent pieces placed strategically throughout the home, you’ll be able to add flair and comfort to each room in the house.

Erin Emanuel


  1. I really like that you pointed out that decor accents shouldn’t be overlooked during the home decorating process. My wife would definitely agree, and she loves to buy home decor accents whenever she finds what she says is a “good deal”. I’m 100% happy with our home and how she has things decorated, but I’m really glad that she’s not just going overboard with the home decor accents, and that they really are a good addition.

  2. I absolutely love to decorate my home and make it an inviting space! I love your advice to use lighting to do that. Lighting really is one of the most important aspects of decoration and I think that people often overlook that. It’s not only the aesthetic of the lamp or the chandelier, but the light and the placement!

  3. I like how you explained the modern and traditional way of decorating a home. I’m looking for good decorations that could complement my furniture and curtains, and it helped when you mentioned that bold items that really stand out is good for homes with modern designs. I’m looking through a list of home decor stores in my area for great accents. Thanks!

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