Perfect bed linen designs for newly wedded couples

Newly weds deserve to have the most comfortable and chic bedroom. This year’s trend is to embellish your love nest with a predominant color. You can opt for pastels or keep it simple and go for white. Regardless of your choice, make sure that the main focus is the bed. Beautiful linen designs will compliment beautifully an all-white room. New wedded couples should make their intimate space as romantic as possible. Candles and flowers are extremely important because they add a touch of closeness and tranquility. If you’re not sure what types of linen designs to invest in, the following ideas should be of great assistance. Let’s check them out.


Flowery accents

White bed linens with flowery accents are excellent for couples. The color of such a beautiful set is intimate and appealing, and the purple influences will make the whole bed look clean and romantic. Make sure the material is 100% cotton, or if you have the budget you can buy Egyptian cotton. It’s incredible soft and airy, perfect for both summer and winter. Newlyweds should appreciate quality sheets, since they’ll probably spend a lot of time in bed. Also, cotton is durable and it doesn’t cause allergies.

bed linen

Silky silk

Some couples are extremely find of silk. The material is incredibly soft and it’s perfect for newlyweds. Choose between two types of silk – wild and mulberry. Mulberry is made using silkworms that eat a special type of mulberry leaves. The “diet” makes the end product really soft and luxurious. Wild silk is equally soft, only it’s a bit more affordable. To light up the mood in the bedroom, purchase bed linens in strong colors like black, fuchsia, or cherry-red.

bed linen

Minimal influences

Couples who want to make their bedrooms seem minimalistic should invest in bed linens with geometric designs. Lines, squares, circles and all kinds of mixed shapes will beautifully outline your private space.  Accentuate the modern style with geometric decor pieces like photos or paintings. The end result will certainly make newlyweds really adore their bedroom.

bed linen

“I Love You, Paris”

A set of bed linens to remind newlyweds of their honeymoon will bring back some good memories. Choose color combinations that are lively and eye-catching. Lots of hearts, the Eifel Tower and a really soft fabric will set up the right mood in the bedroom. Every romantic evening will be like one more night in Paris, so it’s definitely an excellent idea to spend money on bed linens with meaningful messages and really nice designs. Create a balance in your room and opt for colors combos that work beautifully with the rest of your interior decor. Keep it simple and enjoy the romance!

bed linen

Custom-made bed linens

Newlyweds want to feel the love that’s surrounding them 24/7. Believe it or not, some couples choose to have their bed linens personalized. Bed sheets with surprise messages like “I love you” are quite unique and ingenious. The variety of love words is endless, so you can always think of something interesting. Have you ever thought of surprising your beautiful wife with a love declaration imprinted on your bed linens?

Bed linens – tips on choosing the right type

Newlyweds who want to invest in quality bed linens should pay closer attention to the type of linen. The design may be important, but the quality of the material is what matters the most. Here are some essential tips to consider:

  • Fiber – blends with cotton and polyester are resistant to wrinkling; they’re really comfy, soft and durable
  • Weave – the way a sheet looks and feels is determined by its weave. Sheets that are woven from more vertical yarns are a lot softer. The most expensive types are those with intricate weaves like damasks and jacquards.
  • Finish and dye – some types of sheets are treated with all kinds of chemicals to prevent them from wrinkling. Usually, the least expensive types are treated to make them seem more qualitative at a first glimpse. It’s important to invest in quality though, if you want to protect your skin and prevent it from allergies.

It’s amazing how many types of bed linen designs there are on the market. Newly wedded couples should really purchase sheets that are comfortable. Soft materials like cotton are highly recommended because they’re all-natural and they last longer. If you have a budget to invest in satin, do it; your nights will be a lot spicier.

Erin Emanuel