Designer kitchens at affordable prices

A stylish designer kitchen could transform your entire home. This excellent investment will quickly come to fruition as you enjoy cooking in an elegant and welcoming kitchen. Plus, if you ever want to move house, it could have a big impact on the sale of your home.

Many people assume that the term ‘designer’ equates to ‘expensive’, but this isn’t necessarily the case. When it comes to buying the perfect designer kitchen, why pay over the odds? There are many fantastic designer kitchens out there at very reasonable and affordable prices – the trick is finding them. 


Shop Around

One of the best ways to find a designer kitchen at an affordable price is to shop around. The first kitchen you see is rarely the one that you choose in the end. If you take a look at different stores, catalogues and websites, you are more likely to find a better deal and a style you prefer.

Looking online is a great way to begin the comparison process. Most designer kitchen providers have websites displaying their designs. Choosing a few different designer kitchens you like can also be beneficial. You can talk to each of the sales companies to discuss the price and package they are willing to offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a better deal – if you’ve seen a similar design cheaper somewhere else, tell them; they might offer to match the price, thus saving you money.

Know What You Want

Secondly, knowing what kind of style you want can also be very helpful. You know the amount of room you have in the kitchen, therefore you have a better idea than the salesmen about what will fit and suit the overall style of your home best. After all, there’s no point requesting a kitchen island if your kitchen isn’t big enough.

You also know the types of things that you cook often, and the utensils and equipment which gets the most used. For example, if you are constantly boiling or frying, you might choose to have a hanging area for pans so that they are easily accessible. The choice is really yours.

Know What You’re Getting

Before you agree to sign any papers or go ahead with purchasing your designer kitchen, make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Of course the kitchen is included, but does the price include fitting, VAT and other extras?

You don’t want to find yourself with lots of hidden costs; while the kitchen it might appear to be very affordable, it is often the hidden costs that can quickly add up to ridiculous amounts. Be honest with the sales person and tell them you want to know the complete total, including everything you will ever need to pay!


Another option you have is to buy a kitchen on credit. This means that you purchase the kitchen and have it installed in your home while you pay for it over a certain amount of months, a period which is usually negotiable.

This is a great option as it seriously reduces the amount you have to shell out up front and allows you to make smaller monthly payments. However, with this option you ultimately pay back more because of interest, so there are both pros and cons of this choice.


Finally, one of the best ways to find designer kitchens at affordable prices is from other people’s recommendations. Do you know someone else who has recently bought a new kitchen? Why not chat to them about the experience and costs.

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Alternatively, looking online is a great way to find reviews and recommendations for particular companies. Lots of past customers are eager to share their experiences in order to help someone like you, so why not take advantage of that? Utilise the search engines when it comes to finding designer kitchens at affordable prices!


Finding and buying designer kitchens at affordable and reasonable prices isn’t as hard a task as it at first might seem. If you follow these helpful tips, you are sure to find the perfect kitchen for your home.

Author Bio: Article written by Nicholas Anthony, designer kitchen retailers offering a range of kitchens to suit your needs.

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