Designing Your Lawn to Give Life to Your Exterior

When it comes to home exterior and its outlook, apart from the architecture design, the thing which gives your exterior a particular look is your front lawn or garden.  I have seen some amazing front and back lawns that have totally changed the outlook and ambiance of the home. If for example you are having a relatively old looking house and with front lawn which is almost dull and dead, just imagine what look it might give to passer byes. On the contrary if having same home you are having a lush green and colorful lawn, it will give your home a look of country side and it will no longer be a dull place. So you can well imagine how having same house and different looking front lawns contribute towards the outlook of your place. One of the techniques that real estate agents use to sell homes is to work on the front and back lawn the most. This is observed that when they are able to show a clean and tidy lawn the percentage of striking the deal goes up.

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In this article I will be giving a few tips to have a perfect lawn to change the outlook of your place the way you like it to be:

  • Starting from planning, you have to do a bit of paperwork on your desk before you get on with it. A perfect designing requires you to plan according to the space and drawing and sectioning the area according to your plan.
  • Draw a rough sketch of the lawn dimensions and then plan planting and display according to the look you want to give. A perfect plan might take quite a few days as deciding with first one you draw would be a mistake. Get ideas through online images search and through gardening magazine as well. You can change and use your innovation to mold the design with you own touch.
  • Once you are done with the planning work on the border designs. There are many different kinds of fences available in the market. There are wooden, metallic and plastic fences of different designs that you can choose from. A lawn needs protection as animals like dogs might ruin it if you don’t have a fence around them.
  • You may use different display cards of instruction watering frequency or information of the plants printed on custom canvas prints. You may also use these prints to place different quotes or instruction to not to pluck flowers or walk on grass etc.
  • A walk way to the center of the lawn might be a good idea. Depending upon the space of your lawn, you can either have a fountain of small size in the middle or go for a place to sit with a table in between. Usually the Bar-B-Qis to be done in a garden that has a place to sit and accommodate the grill as well.
  • Choose the flowers and plants according to the color scheme you are eyeing for and the season ahead. Flowering plants depend upon season, temperature, sunlight and watering frequency.

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