Different Types of High-Tech Locks to Secure Your Family

There used to be a time when the only difference between various locks was how good the metal was and what shape the keys were. Some locks had more intricate locking mechanisms, but that was pretty much that. Today, with the development of technology, we are seeing locks that seemed like science fiction just a few years back. These locks provide more security and they are also more fun to use. Here are some of the most popular types of high-tech locks.

Touchscreen Locks

It feels that every screen is “touchable” these days and that we will never see the end of new gadgets and new technology that uses touchscreens. It was only a matter of time before we got touchscreen locks and the time has come. There are quite a few solutions on the market today where the locks look very much like contemporary smartphones. These locks mostly use passwords that you type in just as you would on your phone in order to unlock the door.

Smartphone-Operated Locks

As smartphones become more and more versatile, they are also becoming a part of our home security systems. For instance, there are a number of locks available today that are completely controlled by smartphone that you use. These locks are synched to phones using Bluetooth and they allow remote unlocking and locking of the door. Many such solutions also provide you with the ability to check if the door is locked remotely and they also warn you if someone tries to unlock the door while you are away.

keypad-locksKeypad Locks

Keypad locks almost feel old-school when compared to the newest locks, but they are still a great improvement over truly traditional ones. As their name suggests, they employ a keypad which will allow the owner to type in a number combination in order to unlock and lock their door. They offer enhanced security thanks to the fact that they do not use a keyhole which can be picked. Furthermore, these locks mostly come from established manufacturers who know how to provide security to their customers.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are arguably the most modern and the most sci-fi locks that you can buy these days. The main reason for this is that they truly seem like something out of movies. Namely, these locks read your fingerprint and only allow you to enter the home if the print matches one of those in the database. It is safe to say that these are among the safest locks on the market since fingerprints are extremely difficult to forge.

Passkey Locks (and Variations)

We have all had experience with passkey locks in hotels where you are given a pass of some kind, usually looking like an oversized credit card. You simply slip this card into a slot on the lock and the door opens. The principle is pretty much same with passkey locks for residential properties although there are some variations to these as well.

Proximity Locks

Proximity locks are actually a subtype of smartphone-operated locks, but they also allow for something really cool. Namely, these locks automatically register you as you get close to them and they unlock automatically for you. Of course, you can provide your family members and friends with access by putting them into the system that is present on the lock. There is really nothing as cool as a lock that opens the door automatically when you come near it. If it also has a display that welcomes you home – you really got something. Fob keys also fall into this category, although they use infrared technology which allows the lock to “understand” that the owner is nearing the property. These were mostly used in commercial properties before, but they are also seeing increased used in home owners.

Combination Locks

Most high-tech locks today will combine a number of these different mechanisms of operation as this allows for increased security as well as more options when it comes to operating them. For instance, you will often find locks that can be opened using fingerprints, passwords and Bluetooth, all rolled into one. A big number of these will also feature the optioncombination locks of using a good old-fashioned key.

Additional Notes

Now that we have covered the different high-tech locks that you can purchase to secure your home, we feel like we should add a few facts that will ensure your home is as safe as it can be. We talked to locksmith experts from Sydney and they told us that it is important to remember that high-tech locks often lack physical security that is provided by bolts. Also, they have recommended to always go with locks that also feature the boring old option of opening them with a key. They say that you never know when a high-tech lock might have a software problem that can make it impossible to enter your home.

Erin Emanuel