Choose Tile According to Different Function Needs

Tile is featured with rich material, technology and pattern. People may feel confused about the function of various tile and do not know what kind of tile suits their home. Here are the summary of the performance of different tiles:

types of tile flooring

Antifouling and wear resistance tiles:

Good antifouling and wear resistance are the basic performance for ceramic tile. Most rooms, especially living room which has high human traffic, need hard and wear resistant ceramic tile. Antifouling and wear resistant tile not only has longer service, but also can save much energy and time in the daily cleaning and maintenance.

Polished tile: hard and wear resistant – the most suitable tile for living room

Polished tile is a kind of shining tile made by grinding the green brick surface of full-body tile. Its prominentmerit is hard and wear resistant. Polished tile is commonly used in most areas except bathroom and kitchen, such as balcony, exterior wall etc. Under the application of stain bleeding technology, polished tile can have different stone and wood imitation effect.

Glazed tile: seepage-proofing, antifouling –suit to use in bathroom and kitchen

Glazed tile is a kind of ceramic tile processed by glazing and high temperature high pressurefiring. The function of glazing treatment is seepage-proofing, antifouling and easy to clean. Although the wear resistant of glazed tile is poorer than polished tile, most glazed tile has good skid resistance, rich color and pattern, diversified specification, wide application. It is the best choice for bathroom and kitchen.

Wood finish tile: long service life –even can be used in balcony and outdoor space

Wood finish tile refers to ceramic tile having vivid texture patternof natural wood. There are rectangular and square shaped wood finish tile.

Rectangular wood finish tile do not need to cut. Square wood finish tile is incised after firing. It is convenient to paste. Wood finish tile overcome the shortcoming of fading, poor wear resistance of wooden flooring. It has longer service life, better wear resistance and do not have to wax in fixed period like wooden product. Wood finish tile even can be used in balcony and outdoor space.

Water proofing and anti-skidding tiles:

Antique tile: absorb and congeal moisture

Antique tile is also called rustic tile. It is glazed tile that having antique pattern. Its surface effect can be divided into matt and smooth. Antique tile can absorb water vapourwhen the environment is damp and release it when the environment is dry, so its surface is always dry. This improves its anti-skidding performance and security. Antique tile has good touch. It do not as cold as stone flooring in winter.

Carborundum tile: the natural silica sand absorb water

Carborundum tile is made by adding natural silica sand in ceramic tile. It is the silica sand layer that make carborundum tile have excellent hygroscopic property and anti-skidding performance. It is good choice for family with senior and kids. Kitchen, balcony and bathroom are the most common areas for using carborundum tile. Carborundum tile has little choice on pattern and color. Usually carborundum tile is in small size. It is more expensive than common tile.

Quartz tile: low water absorption – best choice for bathroom

The adobe of quartz tile is made of quartzfine particle or powder. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption is, the higher the possibility of tile that do not absorb moisture. Quartz tile has the lowest water absorption in all the ceramic tiles– only 1% to 3%, so it has the best damp proof performance. Quartz tile can be divided into multiply categories according to the surface material. Quartz tile with uneven pattern has both damp proof and anti-skid performance.

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