The Different Kinds of Roofing’s You Need to Know

People need to hire the services of a roofing contractor, in order to replace the existing roofs or for roofing. The roof is one of the most important parts of the house as it is needed to protect us from the weather, from rain, from sun rays and also from anything else which can try to enter from above. The roof also needs to be strong, given the fact that many intruders can try to enter through the roof as well.  It is good to have an understanding of the different types of roofs that you can opt for. They are:

different kind of roofing


Concrete roofs

The reinforced concrete roof is constructed similarly to reinforced concrete floors and can be solid, lightweight. The roof slabs are reinforced with steel rods often in both directions, the longest rods are clear and be embedded in the walls of at least 100 mm. Usually the slab is finished horizontal and the slope is obtained with a template, possibly with a slight addition to improve the thermal insulation. Vents can be installed to remove trapped air and moisture from below the roof covering.

Palm roofs (Sloping roof)

Palm roof is mainly used in places with hot and humid climate. This material is very useful for its waterproof qualities and has the ability to, allow effective ventilation and it is also abundant, economical and easy to use.

Roofs made of beams and foundation boards

To construct this type of roof, generally wooden beams and fir on 10x20cm dimension are used. The foundation board’s dimensions are ¾ “x4″ x6” and it is used as a waterproofing liquid tar.

Soil-cement roof

The construction of this roof is very economical and practical for rural areas and it also has the advantage maintaining cool and pleasant temperatures in the summer.

Clay tile roof

This type of roof is very suitable for moderate climates, whether wet or dry. Its construction is simple and inexpensive; the materials involved are annealed clay tiles, which should be of uniform and homogeneous nature, should have no cracks and can be natural or painted.

Vaulted ceiling

They are constructed by placing wooden beams on two end walls with proper slope and variable partitioning (50 to 80 cm) between the beams, depending on the size of the brick to be placed. The beams remain seated and locked in place by filling the gaps between them and the wall, with a mixture of lime-sand concrete.

Tile roof made of asbestos cement

In this type of roofing, slates made of asbestos cement are used for making the roof. This cement, which is actually a mixture of cement & asbestos, forms a material which is very hard and is ideal to be used as roofs in people’s houses. However, these roofs do not last as long as other roofs after certain years, you will need to replace them as they can become hazardous to people’s health. These roofs are easy to clean and they can be used in all kinds of weather as they can keep the house at a moderate temperature.

Sheet metal roof

It is important to note that unlike asbestos sheets, these metal sheets do not suffer fractures or cracks, but neither have less insulation against cold and heat. However, they are ideal for places like Seattle where the weather is pretty moderate and the temperature is never extreme in summer or in winter.

Mixed structure roofs

In this type of roofing, both metal sheets and slates made of asbestos cement are used for constructing the roof. The advantage of mixed structure roofs is that, the roofs will not only last long, but they will also be able to keep the house at a moderate condition in summer and winter.

Hiring a roofing contractor

There are many roofing contractor present in most cities and people can be easily perplexed when it comes to hiring the services of a single contractor. You need to hire the services of only those contractors who have the required experience and eligibility to deal with roofing. Do not choose any contractors based on the fee they charge. To know more about roofing  Click Here

Erin Emanuel