Creative tips to transform your dining room in both formal and casual ways

How do we make a living room look both casual and formal without investing a lot of money on monthly redecorations? Changing the furniture, painting the walls, and buying new carpets costs thousands of dollars, and let’s face it – no homeowner with a bunch of kids will ever spend that kind of money to make their living room more formal. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to welcome guests in a beautiful space without having to break the bank. Table linens have come a long way since the 90s.

Once used just to cover tables and protect them from spills, a table cloth has turned into a genuine piece of interior decor. The variety is endless on the market, so if you’re having a birthday party or an anniversary and you want to revamp your old-fashioned living room, table linens can work miracles. Forget about the casual design and be ready to go chic.

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Table linens – materials for casual and formal dining rooms

Table linens are available in lots of material types. Starting from damask and vinyl to cotton and satin, there’s no doubt that homeowners have plenty of options to select from. The question is: which material type is formal and which is casual? Generally speaking, cotton is commonly used for a casual dinner with the family. The material is quite soft to the touch, simple, and it doesn’t scream opulence.

Satin and organza on the other hand are a whole different story. These exquisite materials are usually employed to adorn wedding tables; they’re glowing, super silky, and they work beautifully with formal, black-tie events. It’s amazing how much can a simple piece of cloth do to your living room. And now that we talked about materials, it’s time to move on to another aspect that can convert a casual dining room into a formal venue for guests – color.

Beige, white, cream, light yellow, is shades that work very well for a casual design. Bloody red, purple, fuchsia, royal blue, and even black, are a lot stronger. These shades are commonly being used in weddings and official celebrations.

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Matching dining room colors with your personal lifestyle

Casual dining rooms should feature light, nude tones that convey a laid-back, relaxing ambiance. For those who love the pure aspect of their dining areas, keep things simple and invest in white table linens. Are your friends coming over for dinner? No problem; just take out that white linen and replace it with a red one. Add some more red accents around the room too: red flowers, cutlery, red fruits on the table and more. Improvise and pick a dominant color if you want guests to be impressed with your decor skills.

It’s all about detailing

Transforming your dining room into a super chic venue for a gathering can be challenging when you’re not willing to spend money on new furniture. Believe it or not, there are smart ways to revamp a space without spending a fortune. It’s about details. Let’s start by changing the table cloth. Opt for fancy linens made of organza or satin, and pick a color you can match with the rest of the items in your dining area. If you can spare another $100 you can replace the curtains for example. Pick a shade in the same nuance with the table cloth. All napkins should also have a matching color. Now close your eyes and picture the final result. Isn’t that beautiful or what?

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Table linens are excellent additions to your dining area. They come in a variety of types and forms, and they can be used to bring a space to life on a budget. Why spend thousands on new furniture when you can spend 20 times less and have that same effect? Transforming a casual dining room into a formal room and vice-versa is now cheaper than ever. All you need is a bit of imagination to play with the colors, and a top-quality table linen to make things work.

Think outside the box and be as creative as possible with your dining room. Whether you’re fond of pastels, floral designs, or you’d rather stick to strong accents of purple and black, don’t forget that the end goal is to wow your guests with the most ingenious party place.

Erin Emanuel