Discover The Best Modern Sofas For Your Condo

If you live in a major metropolitan city, you are likely familiar with the rising trend of condo living, or you may even already live in a condo yourself. Purchasing a new sofa can be a daunting task, but the buyer will be rewarded by having a new, well designed, stylish sofa which should be easy to maintain and a pleasure to admire from any angle. In today’s modern condos, with large windows and minimal colors, home furnishings stand out more than ever before, making your couch, love-seat, chair, and ottoman purchases all the more important.

The first step to buying the perfect couch is to determine a budget for the purchase. Second, ask yourself what the anticipated life of the piece of furniture will be. Upholstered furnishings and mattresses have a limited life, so it pays to invest in the right kind of material and design. Will the sofa be exposed to harsh conditions such as sunlight and moisture which can ruin a sofa in a short span of time? Some homeowners like to redecorate and reupholster chairs and sofas more often than others. Some prefer to buy cheap upholstered items and discard them when they age. Finally consider where the sofa will be positioned in the room arrangement. Can it be moved from one living area to another, or will it be used to supplement sleeping accommodations?
modern-sofasConsider the color, type of fabric, quality and style of the furniture piece itself and then add a further dynamic to this sofa question. If the sofa is to be used in a condominium, its size must fit inside the available space provided by the elevator. Elevator doors are ample but the ceiling heights set limits on the sizes of long one piece sofas. Handling weight must be taken into consideration as well, if no elevator is available, can it be maneuvered up the stairwell. In most cases sofas for condos are of the convertible design which makes them very heavy and hard to handle. Assuming this presents no problem for the delivery staff, all the other design choices can be selected by the purchaser.

The interior design field has moved away from light weight printed cottons and chintz type fabrics to more durable, heavier weight fabrics which are usually a natural, soft and light color. These fabrics have problems with staining and if the condominium is to be rented out or loaned to friends, this becomes a serious problem. Leather and suede lead the list of the most durable and long lived material available and if you live in Toronto (where condo living is on the rise), there are some quality leather furniture providers, such as The Chesterfield Shop. Leather is a good choice and offers years of comfort and style to the buyer, and a furniture retailer that has been in the business for over 60 years can help you choose the right one for your condo space. Leather sofas are the best condo sofas available for those who want a combination of comfort and durability. Leather and suede are available in natural or dyed colors and these organic materials repel stains and offer years of beauty to the buyer.

Choices in fabric, cost, sofa size and configuration, color and durability, as well as convertibility for additional sleeping accommodations are the questions that need answering when you shop for a modern sofa, and the courteous staff at The Chesterfield Shop can help find the answers. For the best condo sofa collection in Toronto, visit a retailer that knows what you need. After all, a leather covered sofa may be the very best choice among the many sofas available.

Erin Emanuel