Distinction between decorating your Home and Staging it to Sell

There is a big difference between decorating your home and getting it ready to sell. When you come to sell your property you want it to look its best, but in a way that will appeal to a stereotypical part of society; whether family, student or bachelor. The trick is to create a home that looks fresh, warm and inviting, but, is also open to a new identity. A prospective buyer will want to know that they can make the home their own. When re-decorating, prior to selling, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:


Focus on color – keep it neutral

Color is good; very few people will find an all white house palatable. However, if you use bright colors you will be risking turning potential buyers off. The best option is to stick to neutral colors; beige, tan and soft grey are all popular at the moment and can add a touch of class to your home. Neutral colors have a different purpose too; they help the potential buyers envision changes a lot easier. It’s just like having a blank canvas and getting ready to paint it. If the walls of a house are already too colorful, it can be a challenge to picture what furniture pieces would fit there.

The theme – don’t give the house a personal vibe, not everyone will like it

You may have fallen in love with the 1950’s style houses or the ancient Aztec’s. However, if this theme is too overpowering in your house you will be minimizing your potential market. To ensure you attract a buyer remove all excessive parts of a theme; this is easy to achieve if you remove the accessories around the home. This will ensure the home retains its appeal to the maximum number of buyers.

Ditch items that look old and dated

Simple styles and colors are unlikely to date; however, there are plenty of fashionable items which will quickly make a house look dated. Anything that looks dated will create a dreary look to potential buyers and put them off your home. Use minimal splashes of color to brighten a room and remove the dated items; even if this means giving the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Make your home sellable to both men and women


The majority of homes need to appeal to both men and women. This means the colors used should be neutral and not overly patterned. Accessories should be kept to a minimum to create clean lines which will appeal to both sexes. Simple but eye catching is the best way to create a memorable look which will encourage someone to purchase your home.

Lighting and space

There are various nooks and crannies in any house which can appear much bigger and brighter with the addition of a light. Under the stairs is a prime example in many houses of a space which is wasted. A bright spotlight and an appropriate size desk can make it look very appealing. When creating an image such as this, a notepad and pen on a desk will draw the buyer’s eye and help them to associate the space and find the appeal in your home.

Kitchens and bathrooms

These need to be modern! This does not mean you need to rip out the old kitchen and replace it all with new. Simply ensure the colors are neutral and the kitchen is in good condition. Improvements can easily be made by replacing the cupboard doors and the fixings on the sink. Even the cupboard door handles can make a difference. On top of this it is advisable to make sure any appliances on view look clean and shiny; this helps to create the illusion of a new kitchen. Replace old cabinet handles too, just to give the kitchen a fresh vibe. If the cabinets look really unappealing, you could repaint those too. Make sure to use a neutral color.

Accessories shouldn’t be ignored

Your home needs to have pretty and practical accessories; a bunch of flowers on a tray with two coffee cups suggests romantic notions. It may never normally look like this but it will encourage a potential buyer to fall in love with that Turkish property for sale. Perhaps the most important element of staging your home is to step outside the box. View your home as a potential purchaser not as the seller. Look at what may appeal to buyers and what may put them off; then stage your home accordingly. Remember you are creating an illusion of a lifestyle!

Last but not least, it is important to keep things simple. Even when selling a house, less is more. Don’t exaggerate with the decorations and accessories, and allow potential buyers to see themselves living there too by coming up with decorating ideas of their own.

Erin Emanuel

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