DIY Garden Projects for Spring – An Infographic

Spring is a good time to attend to your garden after a long winter. However, you need a plan in place before you begin and maintaining an easy gardening schedule is the best way to start seeing results quickly. The trick is to be consistent with it.

Some of the DIY projects here may seem a little unusual but they can have a big impact on the appearance of your garden. It’s hard to imagine roses in spuds having such a positive influence on your garden but it really helps to maintain moisture in the roses. Also, sprinkling Epsom Salt in your garden helps your seeds germinate better.

The before & after pictures may take a lot of hard work but it just shows that it is possible to transform any garden in to something you can look at with pride. The transformation on these gardens should give people the encouragement they need to put a lot of hard work in to their garden for Spring.

This info-graphic from Capital Garden Services explains how to best approach gardening for spring and most of these projects are accessible to everyone. Which projects are you going to try?


Erin Emanuel