Five Ways you can be creative with a Kitchen Makeover

A new kitchen can give the hub of your home a renewed lease of life.  But what if you can’t afford to have a complete new kitchen fitted; it can be a very expensive procedure.  There are ways you can give your kitchen a makeover that don’t have to cost a lot but can give the room a whole new vibe.

kitchen makeover

You’ll have seen a lot of the latest ideas for kitchen design and you may want to use some of these to make you’re a home a little more contemporary.  The question is how can you do that on a limited budget?


Check out the handles

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a bit jaded you don’t have to replace them to rectify the situation.  It’s amazing how effective just changing a few handles can be.  A set of new ones in chrome can be purchased relatively cheaply.  This type of finish is one of the most reasonably priced, and it looks clean and modern, but it does have the disadvantage of showing up marks very easily.

Get creative

If you’ve got the time, and you’re good with a needle, you can try your hand at creating some unique cushions for your kitchen chairs.  You can use leftover material from making drapes, or you can buy the end of a roll of material from a store to make it a cheaper purchase.  Stitching a design into the material can really make the cushions your own.

Learn how to tile

You don’t have to be a tiling expert if you’re just replacing a few tiles on your kitchen walls.  It also won’t cost a lot to buy a handful of tiles.  So how is it possible to replace just selected tiles?  If your current wall tiling design allows it you can create a design with maybe some self-colored bright tiles; they will really make your walls pop.

Using the odds with your seating

Over the years it’s been traditional to choose a matching kitchen set of a table and chairs.  General consensus was that matching was good.  Nowadays it’s fashionable to have non-matching chairs at your table.  This gives you the opportunity to have a look around the local house clearances to find interesting chairs that you can make use of.  Even if you have to re-cover them they may have a quirky design that makes your kitchen stand out.

Change the little things

Where do you keep mugs in your kitchen? If you keep them in a drawer then why not think about bringing them out into the open as a decoration. A group of multi-colored mugs can add a bright splash to the room.  You can buy a mug tree at a reasonable price, or place hooks along the underside of your wall cabinets to create spots of color along an entire wall area.  This is a very simple way of making a change to your kitchen to give it an effective DIY update.

Erin Emanuel