5 Amazing Living Room Accessories: The DIY Way

Creating your ultimate living room does not always have to be expensive. Unleash your creativity and make this room look best in your own DIY way. Inspirations are everywhere so you just have to be guided and focused to know how you would arrange things around. In this article, we will give some tips on how to create five amazing living room accessories.

living room accessories


1. Baskets

Who says you can’t use baskets to put magazines and books? Usually, a living room would have reading materials for guests to read and stay entertained while the host is busy doing some house chore or some other task. Instead of the usual book shelf or magazine rack, to make things stay as neat as possible, take out your old baskets and design them with pins, buttons and ribbons that will make it look more pleasant. You may also want to put the TV’s remote control and items that litter in the room inside baskets.

2. Cross-stitched Throw Pillow Cases

When you’re feeling weary, one of the ways to combat a stressful disposition is to do cross-stitching. To maximize your efforts, build a cross-stitch design that would fit your throw pillow cases. Match the design’s color and pattern with your sofa foam to make your living room’s theme consistent. This handwork can be boasted as a personalize item that would pave the way to start an interesting conversation with house guests.

3. Table Lamps

The lights in the living room may be considered as glowing, dramatic items. As much as possible, it is advisable to bring in natural light from the windows. When the sun sets, you might want to set the mood as romantic and instead of lighting up the main lights such as chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, opt to use table lamps. You can have a cup or a small bowl turned into a lamp with LED string lights.

4. DIY Vase

China vases and antiques are not so budget-friendly. If you are not so meticulous in displaying flowers, you may opt to create your own vase. Use a plastic bottle and choose one with an interesting shape. Then color the bottle by painting it with artsy designs. When you think outside the box, there are more things to replace the traditional vase made out of clay. Paper bags and metallic jars are other examples that can also be a vase.

5. Mirrors

A plain mirror with no frame looks too boring. It’s good to spend a playful time with your family members and create the most appealing and colorful borders of your mirror in the living room. You may also want to embed lights if it’s a vanity mirror. Choose to either blend the color of the frame with your wall paint or wallpaper or contrast it to make the mirror stand out. With that, the look of your space can be transformed from elegant to flat-out extraordinary.


The living room is a treasured space in the house as it often sets the tone for your entire home. Most people would have their guests stay in the living room. To make them feel comfortable, having DIY accessories while telling the stories on how you created them sounds like a great idea. The elements need not be grand but just safe and somehow unique with our own personal touch of ingenuity.

Author Bio:

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in Brisbane Australia. A student of Interior Design, she loves to go surfing on weekends. Follow her on Twitter.

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