DIY Tips for an at Home Sports Bar

The football season is right around the corner and while most of us head to our favorite sports bars that play out-of-market games, frequenting the local watering hole for every game can get pricey.  Not all bars carry all the games you want to watch and other times, bars that do don’t stock your beer of choice.  Sports fans who want more control over their game-watching experiences should consider setting up their own sports bar at home.  This seemingly bold task is actually an easy DIY project that not only saves you money, but also creates a more intimate viewing experience with friends allowing you to add your own personal flare.

Here are some essentials you’ll need for setting up your own private sports bar.


It’s all about the TV

One reason we all love sports bars is the 360-view of the game.  Don’t underestimate the value of several televisions mounted on the walls.  Put each TV on a swivel with its own cable or satellite feeds and you’re half way to a game-day heaven.  Cable box splitters are relatively inexpensive but affording multiple televisions is more difficult. Ask friends to donate old sets, and check websites like Craigslist for used televisions in perfect working conditions.  You can always opt for a 10-foot wide projector screen, which can be built at home for about the same price as a 50′ inch flat screen TV.  Once completed, the only necessity is finding the perfect sports package from cable and satellite providers, like  Sport packages give you every game at your fingertips for a lower price than a few drinks at the bar.  Score!

Comfy Seating

Another drawback to some sports bars is uncomfortable seating, designed to make people move around or leave quickly for new business. That doesn’t have to be the case at your home sports bar, though. Dark leather couches and wooden furniture reflect masculine sports bar decor, while a dark microfiber sofa is easy to clean in case of spills.  This is a more self – preference if you’d prefer multiple reclining chairs or a large seating-friendly sofa.  Either way, keep in mind stadium-like seating but equipped with cup-holders (that keep your beer cold) and reclining ability to enable your favorite half-time activity – napping.

Well-Stocked Bar

Making drinks for everyone doesn’t have to run you a high tab.  Rather than your standard refrigerator to stock all your game-day beverages (beer is the usual drink of choice), consider a back bar glass-door cooler and a Kegerator for the familiar at-bar atmosphere.  Add some classic liquors, such as vodka, rum and tequila, to your bar, as well as mixers including juices and sodas. Or, create one signature cocktail per game to add to a beer selection, which will save on ingredients.

Best Surround Sound

Men watching sports.

Nothing compares to the thrill of the live game and the adrenaline of fans in the stadium.  Quality sound-systems can emulate that same high-energy and complete the game-experience.  Put speakers in all corners of the room and invest in a good subwoofer and amplifier.  Though you won’t be able to smell the sweat, you may be able to hear it drip from the player’s helmet.

Personal Touches

Having your own sports bar means you get free reign over the décor. If you and your guests attended the same college or root for the same team, consider using that dictate the theme.  If you can’t find sports mementos tucked away in your garage, thrift stores are often stocked with sports archives.   As host, you could also invite guests to bring their own memorabilia and help you decorate, making everyone feel more invested in your sports bar.

Games to Play

For those who get bored during commercial breaks, consider adding a game element to the sports bar in the form of a pool table or vintage arcade game. Before decorating, though, be mindful of the space you have available, and plan for seating first, according to Houzz.

Do you have your own at-home sports bar? How did you make it great? Tell us in the comments.

Author Bio: Matt  Torres wishes he could get paid to watch sports on TV. Alas, by day he is a tax accountant.

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  1. I agree with you– a pool table is a great investment for an at home sports bar. Although it is great to enjoy the comfort of an at home bar with your friends, I would have to add that sometimes it is great to get out too! If you personalize your own home bar, don’t forget to enjoy the town sometimes as well.

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