DIY Tips: How to Organize a Living Area

Living room is an area where you and your family come together to talk, enjoy the television programs or relax after a long workweek. Whether you lean towards a classic, contemporary or modern look, the living area is is an ideal spot for showing off your interior design style. However, this area needs to be decorated perfectly and made into a friendly environment to ensure the comfort of your family and guests.

When it comes to decorate a living area, it must meet a broad range of needs. This post uncovers the great decorative ideas that you will need to make a relaxing and elegant living space.

Consider following ideas that will definitely enhance the beauty of your living room:


Add color with bold furnishings instead of decor:

One thing to consider while upgrading your living area is that you should be comfortable in the room. Color is an ideal way to personalize your living space. Add some colorful accessories to your area like wall art, cushions and rugs. But, painting your walls in bold colors may not be a right option. Always add vibrant hues with the furnishings rather than wall decor.

Think about vertically space:

Wall shelf is a surefire way to fill the vertical space in your home. It is a versatile piece of wooden furniture

that provides you a decorative piece as well as a storage option to keep flower vase, books, and some decorative items. If you have a cool collection of photo frames that clutter your room, it’s time to display them with some new ideas. Collage frame will be a great option for displaying your favorite photos. Organize your photos according to date or occasion.

Grow Your Houseplants:

01 (33)Use some flowers and plants to bring character and personality to your living space. Organize your home plants with some decorative pots. If you have limited space available in your home, try out some on-trend macrame hanging planters.

Place a coffee table:

A coffee table that looks amazing but don’t have any storage space for magazines, remote controls or tea coasters, is apparently making life more difficult. If you have a coffee table without any storage space, it’s time to replace it. If you don’t have the budget to buy a new one, buy the rolling baskets, storage cubes, or bins to keep under the coffee table.

Designate a game area:

Generally, games end up in a TV armoire, but it would be helpful to assign a separate space for them. Game cabinets or board games are functional as well as fun for a family that loves to play together. Designating a separate game space will free up other areas of the living room for more storage.

Utilization of space behind the sofa:

You can keep a cabinet, trunk, or bookcase behind your sofa set. It will provide you with another surface to keep a lamp or some decorative pieces.

Sort your movie collection:

Your favorite collection of DVDs, recording, and CDs must be placed in a glass cabinet. Take some time to sort your whole collection according to your needs and preferences. Moreover, you can house your sorted collection in the bookshelves, drawers of a coffee table, etc.

Avoid tangling of cables:

There are plenty of options for tangled cables in your living space. Use the slim Cableyoyo or cable caddy. Cableyoyo comes with an adhesive backing that sticks to any surface. Cable caddies stick to a desktop or behind the TV and provide space for various cables to clip into. Besides, you can go with the cable zipper that encloses all the cables in its tube.

Clear clutter from the hallway:

Do not avoid your entry way or hallway while decorating living area. Place a shoe rack at the entryway of your home to give a welcoming look to your space. It is the best way to impress your visitors by offering them a designated area to put off their shoes. Additionally, if you place a shoe rack at the hallway, you will not have to clean the floor again & again as dirt of shoes will not overspread in your home.

Other significant things to consider: You must consider following things while decorating living area:

  • Don’t forget to leave space between different furniture units.
  • Avoid filling every inch of your room with stuff.
  • Make sure your furniture units match the color and theme of your home decor.
  • Use a single universal remote that controls all electronics.
  • Keep your living area neat and clean.
  • Don’t allow your display collection to overtake the room. Limit the number of collections you want to display.
  • Place your documents in specific files rather than on the coffee table.
  • Involve your kids and encourage them to take part in decoration.
  • You can also place a bar cabinet in your living space for formal or informal get-togethers.

Living room is a focal point of your home, it must be decorated with the proper strategies and consideration. While decorative a living room, the first and foremost factor to consider is the purpose of the area. Follow all the above-mentioned tips to organize your living space.

Erin Emanuel