5 Great Do-it-Yourself Storage Projects

If you’ve got a collection of tools, then you’re probably a do-it-yourselves as well, like I am. That means that you’ve always got half an eye open for projects to do around the house. Some of those projects may not get done for a while, but that didn’t stop you from looking.

Well, here are some great projects to increase the storage space in your home. Last I checked nobody has enough storage space; so why not do a few projects to fix that problem. Not only will it make your life easier, but your wife will see there’s a good reason for you to spend money on all those tools at the same time.

Under stair storage  1 – Under stair storage – Builders are notoriously bad at utilizing the space under a staircase. Even when they put a closet there, they still leave half the space unused. This cabinet under the stairwell landing opens into the kitchen. Since it is over four feet deep, we built a rolling appliance cart to go into it. That way everything is readily accessible. To make this space into a cabinet, just open up a hole in the wall, putting in a header for the studs that are above the cabinet door. Finish out the inside of the space with drywall and install cabinet doors. If you look closely at the picture, you can see that there is another door in this cabinet, on the left wall. This leads to another cabinet inside the cabinet.

 2 – Under sink storage

Under sink storageThe fake drawer front under kitchen and bathroom sinks is there to make the cabinets match, but really doesn’t do you much good. There’s not enough space to add a drawer under the sink, but that doesn’t mean the space has to go to waste. Putting that drawer front on a hinge and building a box that attaches to the back of it creates a great place for putting sponges, steel wool pads and other small cleaning tools.

Kitchen Cabinets3 – Kitchen cabinet soffits – Many homes have soffits over the kitchen cabinets. These soffits are there merely to fill the space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. Taking the soffit out and finishing off the area creates storage above the wall cabinets; a great place to show off baskets, serving dishes, Jell-o molds and other not commonly used items in your kitchen. When they need to be used, they can be taken down for use, but they always have a home back over the cabinets.

Roof Eaves


4 –If your home has the roof eaves cutting into your second floor, then don’t let that space go to waste. There’s a lot of useful space under those eaves; space that the builder let go to waste. All it takes is a little cabinetmaking skill, and you can add in linen cabinets, bookshelves and other types of storage in what would otherwise be considered wasted space. You can even use the space just by adding in a low door so that you can utilize the space under the eaves just like attic space, storing boxes and miscellaneous in the recovered space.

Garage Space


5 – The space over your car in the garage is also wasted space. It’s easy to put it to use, hanging plastic storage bins over the cars. All you need is to build a couple of I-beam shaped tracks that match the dimensions of your storage bins and bolt them to the ceiling joists. You’ll need to have consistent sized bins to make this work, and you’ll want to stick to storing lightweight things in them. But you’ll be amazed how much space you can recoup, without causing anyone to bang their head.


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Erin Emanuel