How to Transform Your Dorm Room into a Great Study Place

The disadvantage of all dorm rooms is little space that needs to be shared with another person (or even a few people). Besides, in this limited space there has to be a study place where you can struggle over your homework (you cannot live in the campus library, although some students have already tried), relaxing place (where you can sleep and enjoy your free time) and a kitchen zone (to cook your meals) – all in one. Although this task seems impossible to complete, you still have to separate these sections to be able to focus on your tasks and have a comfortable place to rest after a hard day in college.


dorm-room-study-placeDorm room transformation options

Dorm life is fast-paced and fun, accompanied by games, parties, orders of pizza at 3 a.m, and guitar songs late at night. But no matter how enjoyable it is, your primary goal in college is education, so your room has to serve you both for relaxation and long hours of studying. A big part plays the study habit that gets you through these four college years. Remember how you struggled over your papers until you found help with assignment learning about writing services in the best speedypaper review? All your college assignments require thorough work and good concentration and thus, silence and a convenient place.

To focus on your homework and minimize all distractions, you need some place in your room aimed at studying only. Some students are fine with the minimum of things, while others like decorating their temporary rooms with home accessories. With that in mind (some planning and smart strategic shopping), we created a list of essential things that can make a functional and comfortable study place:

Use vertical space

Even in the small room, you can find storage space if you make use of the walls. Your options are different: door shoe racks to get it off the ground, towel hooks, and shelves with space to put your scarves, books, socks, cosmetics, etc. To save place and not overload the room you can also get over door shelves and customize them to your taste.

Get a desk organizer

If you aim to turn a table into a study place, you need to make it comfortable and convenient to have everything at hand. A hutch will be a good choice to help you get the most of the wall space to keep all your college stuff and still leave space for work. Keep all the school things here and remove all other objects that don`t help you be productive. Try to eliminate all distractions making it a no-smartphone zone.

Have plastic boxes

To save space, you can get some plastic boxes and use them to store first aid supplies and medicine, your DIY kit, or life necessities like batteries, scissors, needles, scotch tape, etc. You can keep these boxes in your wardrobe or under your bed.

Find options under the bed.

In addition to plastic boxes from the previous point, the place under the bed can be efficiently used to store all the stuff that clutters up your room and prevents you from focusing on your studies. To get more floor space, you can order the loft bed if you don`t mind sleeping a little higher than usual. You can place your desk under it or use this space for any other needs. Once you graduate, you can always send it on Craigslist;

Ditch the furniture

If the room is overloaded with old dorm furniture, consider removing some of it to get more space (of course, you need to manage it with college administration and then bring it back when you graduate). A good option is buying a bunk bed which will provide you with more place for other pieces of furniture (for example, two desks put together).

Separate the kitchen zone

In any dorm room, students need a place where they keep their coffee and tea packages, snacks, and a microwave with a small fridge (if allowed). For this area, you can also get some unit of shelves to store all this stuff like mugs, plates, dish soap, etc.

Of course, you need to discuss all these changes with your roommate, especially if he/she has different priorities as well as set up some study rules to survive in one room without killing each other. But with little creativity and fruitful communication, you will be able to rearrange and extend your room twice and organize a perfect place for your studies with the ability to change the layout anytime.

Erin Emanuel