Drooling Over Electrical Automation

Allow me to take you back several years to your childhood.  It is Christmas Eve.  You are lying in your bed, squeezing your eyes shut, hoping with all your might that you’ll drift off to sleep right away and then open your eyes to find that Christmas morning has finally arrived.  You are imagining all the spectacular presents that will await you, if only the time would pass a little more quickly.  There is a pleading voice in your head that says, “Please, let the Kyosho Turbo Optima (the racecar of the day) be under the tree for me!  Please!”



Did you think the silly wishing and anticipation of Christmas’ past was just for kids?  Well, I have news for you.  When you hear about the possibilities with electrical automation, they will all come flooding back and you’ll find yourself whispering, “Please, let me have the conveniences of electrical automation!  I need to have my home fully automated and electrically integrated!”

Who Could Benefit from Electrical Automation?

  • You, duh, I already implied that
  • If you want to impress your father-in-law, then look no further.  This is a no-brainer and will surely make up for all of your previous failed attempts, and then some
  • The neighbors will all be jealous, so if you are looking to out-do those Jones’ with their pool and immaculate yard, then this is for you…
  • Any guy who ever felt slighted from not getting what he really wanted for Christmas

So if you haven’t been privileged to know what electrical automation is, let me inform you of some of the capabilities out there.  I won’t tell you all, because that would be too easy for you, and it would deprive you of some of the anticipation, joy, and then elation when you discover this information for yourself.  I will give you a hint of what you’ve been missing, however.  Read on, my friend.

Imagine this… you are driving home with your wife in the middle of winter.  She is cold, as usual, and is complaining about not wanting to get out of the car to a cold and dark home upon your return.  A few blocks away, you whip out your laptop.  (Of course, you pull your car over to the side of the road while doing this… safety first!  But you already know that, so I’m not sure why I bothered to note the obvious.)  With a click of a button, you turn on the lights and heat in your home.  Upon arrival, your wife looks over at you in awe and with utter admiration.  You are her superman and have saved her from the dark and cold!  She melts into your arms…

Okay, maybe that is going a little too far, but I don’t think you’d disagree that she would be eternally grateful if you were to go with complete electrical automation for your home.  It would be like the gift that keeps on giving for years to come.  And don’t try to fool anybody – you would really be getting it for yourself, anyway, with the guise that it is for her.  Every guy would drool over the opportunity to turn a light on from his laptop from a few blocks away.  So what are you waiting for – go for it!  There aren’t many scenarios in life where everybody wins!


I just thought it my duty to throw out a few cautions.  Upon completion of your electrical automation for your home, much time may slip away as you test it to see whether it will work from five blocks away, or seven blocks, or 100 blocks.  Would it work from Denver?  I’m not a guy, so I can’t tell you why you need to know from how far it will work, but something tells me that you would need to nonetheless.  Just do me a favor and wait until you have helped your wife with the dishes before performing such tests.

And don’t wonder what the big deal is when she tells you it is time to turn out the lights and come to bed.  After all, you’ve told your little Annie that she needs to stop turning on and off her new talking and crying baby doll.  Your wife feels the same way about the lights turning on and off.  So remember, the house will still be automated tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.  So lie down, drift off to sleep dreaming of lights, and rise in the morning ready for another day of play.

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By Jennifer McCammon

Jennifer enjoys writing about the realities of life.  She is married, and knows that her husband would love to someday have a fully integrated home.

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