Exercise Your Green Thumb – 7 Easiest Vegetables You Can Grow In The Yard


Easy to Grow Vegetables for First Time Gardener

The good news is gardening is not as difficult as you may think and you don’t have to be intimated by the idea of growing your own produce. The secret lies in picking the right vegetables to grow.

Easiest Vegetables You Can Grow In The Yard

Below are 7 easy vegetables that anyone with basic gardening skills and no experience can grow.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are a great option for home gardens due to their low maintenance. It’s pretty hard to go wrong when planting potatoes. All they require is a little water and sunlight. While they do take up a lot of space to sprout, they are sure to thrive and in just 8 weeks you will be harvesting them.

2. Radishes

Radishes are ideal for new gardeners as they grow quickly and very easily. Within just 4 weeks of planting, you will be able to harvest your radishes. And best of all, radishes act as a natural insect repellant so growing them will help keep your garden pest free.

3. Lettuce

Nothing beats a salad fresh from your yard and this is very possible as lettuce and other salad leaves are easy to grow and require very little effort. They don’t need much sunlight and actually grow best in a shaded area or in a greenhouse. You can check out Wooden Greenhouses for great options on home greenhouses.

4. Carrots

Carrots are perfect for amateur gardeners due to their hardiness. They can withstand a lot including pests, diseases, and temperature changes. Just remember that carrots are a root vegetable and need enough space to sprout so make sure to grow them in a deep pot. With the right soil consistency, you’ll be able to grow sweet, nutritious and crunchy carrots.

5. Herbs

Aromatic herbs like Basil, Rosemary, and Mint are very easy to grow as not much can kill them. In addition to being resilient, they take up little growing space meaning you can grow lots of them. You can pluck and use them in your cooking as they continue to grow or you can dry them for longer use.

6. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are another perfect plant for newbie gardeners. They don’t need much care besides having enough sunlight and moist soil to grow in. They grow very quickly and if provided with the right amount of space, they will soon sprawl throughout your yard.

7. Leafy Greens

Just like salad greens, leafy greens won’t give you much grief when growing. Most leafy greens like spinach and kale grow in cool weather and the leaves can be picked continuously to encourage growth. They are highly nutritious and growing them yourself will ensure you get the most out of the nutrients they offer.

A lot can go wrong when gardening but if you stick to these simple vegetables, having a green thumb will be easier than you might have thought. With a little bit of practice and patience, you can soon turn your yard into a sprawling garden. So don’t wait any longer. Get out your gardening tools today and try out a few of these nutritious vegetables. You’ll soon be enjoying the delicious taste of fresh homegrown veggies!

Erin Emanuel