7 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Ideas with a Great Effect

Having an outdated kitchen is no fun. At times it even feels like it takes away the joy of living. There’s no enthusiasm in preparing your food and eating it, or in having guests at home. If a kitchen remodeling project requiring a contractor is too much for you, read below. There are ways to transform your kitchen without much effort. Besides, these are definitely cheaper.



Change the flooring

There are loads of DIY options when it comes to new flooring. The best one is getting a hardwood floor, since it’s durable, fashionable and definitely appropriate for the kitchen space. It looks great with any kind of furniture and even with the most modern types of appliances. Tiles are also an excellent idea. With so many models to choose from, you have endless freedom to create the look and feel that you desire. You may consider marble or stone-like varieties, such as those you may see at PlumbTile. Natural textures are all over the interior decoration catalogs.

Don’t be afraid to go for bold colors if that is what you feel attracted to. Bold red tiles or bright green ones may look great in a kitchen. Make sure you have a few other color accents too, to compliment this.


Create contrast

Just like with the rest of the house, contrasts are welcome in the kitchen, too. These add a new dimension to it and make it more stylish. Instead of the classic black and white, try something different – for example dark brown and light cream. In fact, black can be replaced by any dark color. You may create contrast with small details, such as window framing, fixtures, accessories or pots. Also, you may take this to the bigger elements that make up your kitchen: curtains and drapes, blinds, flooring, walls and furniture. Contrast is refreshing, so you may want to try it. Nowadays, it’s being successfully used in many kitchen remodeling projects signed by renowned specialists.

Make an accent wall

An accent wall is perhaps the easiest way to adorn a dull kitchen. It can totally transform it. Simply pick a wall that has nothing spectacular on it, perhaps one that is rather empty and doesn’t seem to have any particular role in the design. Paint it in a bright color, use a wall decal or apply special wallpaper. It has to be different from the rest of your kitchen. Yet, it needs to compliment it in some ways (perhaps emphasize a color theme or add contrasting artwork). You may be as creative as you want with your accent walls.


A new coat of paint (in a different color, mind you) can make a huge difference. Whether it’s about painting old wooden kitchen furniture or the window frames, it will change the mood in a welcome way. Pick whichever color you may like. White in itself can be a good choice, but homeowners have also tried the bold options as well. You can do the same to chairs and even to flower pots. You could add a playful design to those. This would be enough to brighten a dull kitchen.

Change the lightning

It’s impressive how much of a change you can achieve just by changing the light within a room. We’re not telling you to go for a different light bulb color. Think in terms of design and position. Check the stores and see the new and stunning range of kitchen lightning solutions. You’ll find anything from minimal structures to chandeliers, all made for kitchen use. Besides purchasing more appealing lightning fixture, you can change its position, too. Expert decorators prefer to let these hang low, to change the atmosphere. You will perceive your kitchen in a different way.

Update sinks and faucets

Especially when they have been poorly maintained, sinks and faucets can ruin the aspect of a kitchen. It may be the time to buy new ones. Take advantage of this and replace them with something special. Try a different kind of sink and faucets. Also, don’t be afraid of varieties, like golden or bronze ones. These could add a very classy touch to a kitchen. The space will have a new glow as soon as you make these changes.

Create a cozy space

Consider this as the final touch. Once you’ve updated a kitchen, you may want to make it even better by creating a cozy little space: a comfortable seating niche with a few books at hand, for example. Or, consider adding a few candles here and there to be lit up when guests arrive.

Start consulting specialized magazines to find more ideas. You don’t have to opt for a full remodeling project, just select a few elements that are compatible with your budget and taste.


Erin Emanuel