4 Extremely Easy Tips to Solve Your Kitchen Storage Problems

You wake up in the morning, do some yoga postures while you are still in the bed, and then get off of the bed and take some sips in the coffee.

But just when you step in the kitchen, the rejuvenating feel, with which you started off the day disappears, leaving you pissed at the sight of an unorganized kitchen – the countertop is not clean, the sink is full of utensils used for cooking last night, the glass cleaner is beyond your sight, and the doors of kitchen cabinets hang open.

It’s messy, but you can fix it. As a matter of fact, organizing it is easier than you think. Ever wondered why your kitchen looks unorganized? It’s because of the

Storage problem


Most households in the US have small kitchens. The shortage of space and the resulting storage problem are the reasons their kitchens stay unorganized. Once you fix the storage problem, everything is automatically put in place, and your kitchen doesn’t look cluttered anymore.

You may decorate your outdoor by placing a teak patio box on the outside. But unless you work on the inside of your home including the kitchen, your home won’t appear delightful to the guests.

In this article, I’ll lay down some tips, which will help you organize your kitchen.

Recycled wooden box

The popularity of recycled furniture is on the growing side. Recycling is all about downcycling and upcycling. Upcycled wooden furniture are manufactured using large chunks of wood from used furniture. Buying a recycled wooden box would save you plenty of money.

You won’t even have to buy it. Simply dismantle the wooden whiskey cases at your home, and manufacture the box yourself. It’d be a place to put the small accessories in the kitchen like the tea box, jars, etc. A sketch on the background wall or a catchy wallpaper can heighten the decorative aspect.

Drawers or cabinets?

You can do a whole lot of experiments with the cabinets, even turn them into drawers. If your kitchen has beadboard walls, set open shelf cabinets against those walls. I recommend custom cabinets for your kitchen. Add a pull from a reputed hardware manufacturer to give the cabinet the feel of a drawer. The biggest advantage of installing drawer lookalike cabinets is they save plenty of space. Almost all your day-to-day kitchen items can easily be put in the cabinet.

Aside from that, such cabinets are very easy to access. You just have to pull the drawer gently, and the cabinet will open. If your kitchen is small, then you could install a pantry, comprised of two cabinets on both sides and a pulling system on the front. You pull the pantry, and it’ll slide open over the countertop.

Cast-off apparels

Do a frantic search in your home for accessories, which have been used or worn off, and not in a usable shape anymore. You can use such accessories for solving the storage problem in your kitchen.

Office supply organizers and pencil holders are in every house. They can be used to create additional space in the kitchen where you could keep plastic-made water bottles. Cartwheels can be used as proxies for rubbermaid racks; your patio dining sets can never find a better place.

Not only apparels but you can use an entire door. That’s right! We often have old doors in the basement. If you have one, paint the door and then have it stand upright near the kitchen window. Add pegboard hooks, so you could hang kitchen items on them.

Use the walls

Are all your walls occupied by cabinets? If not, then use the unused walls. You can hang a number of things on the walls once you buy some wall hooks and affix them to the wall. Hang spoonbox to those hooks. It declutters your countertop. Hammer some nails directly into an unused wall to hang frying pans on them by the small hole right at the end of their handles.

How about a knife block? Only a tiny portion of your kitchen wall would be needed. Install the block a bit higher, so that your kids couldn’t reach it. You’d have the peace of the mind knowing the knives are in the right place.

Place for the extras

You need to find a place in the kitchen, where you can keep all the extras. Finding such a place is not easy. My advice is don’t waste time, and use a makeshift cabinet. Manufacturing such a cabinet is not that difficult. It’s all woodwork. As you are taking up the walls, there’d be some empty space. You can place a makeshift cabinet in that empty space and fill it with extra kitchen items.

Delight your guests

As the kitchen storage problem gets solved, your kitchen would look better than before. When your guests will arrive at your home and see your kitchen, they’d surely feel delighted.



Erin Emanuel


  1. When you say, “I recommend custom cabinets for your kitchen,” what exactly do you mean? Are custom cabinets simply just the style that would best work with our situation? My wife and I want to remodel our kitchen so we’ve been trying to do as much research and gather as much info we can before making decisions. I like how your cabinets in the photo are open. It makes it feel like it’s not as closed off as it could be. Thanks for the great article, it was helpful to read!

  2. In my new home, I have had the issue of running out of space in my kitchen. I know now that to get rid of the problem I’ll have to add more space. I have the room to add a few more cabinets, and I’ll be sure to add more to improve my kitchen. That way I’ll have a nice looking kitchen and more room for storage.

  3. Thanks for sharing this informative post. I really like the idea of recycled wooden box.Its popularity is on the growing side and it also helps in saving money.

  4. I really like that you talked about how cabinets can make a difference when it comes to kitchen storage. Do you have any other tips about finding good cabinets? I’m thinking about getting my kitchen redone, but I don’t know where to start. Perhaps I should start searching for someone to assist me.

  5. It got me when you said that I can actually make use of the walls if there are no cabinets hanging on it and that the person can put hooks and use the place to hang things. I will mention this to my mom, though I think she has another idea for the empty wall in the kitchen. What’s important is she makes use of it since there are so many things that we intend to add the kitchen, but we do not have enough space for them.

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