4 Easy Ways to Brighten a Dark Room This Summer

There is nothing worse than walking into a dark, dreary room in the summertime when the sun is shining, a light breeze wafting about, and birds chirping. Often times, we wish we could add more light to a room to brighten it, but think the answer is a major renovation project.

living-room-colorsThe truth is, it’s much easier to lighten up a room without adding windows and tearing down the walls. By using colors, lightbulbs, window treatments, and area rugs properly, you’ll be able to bring any room out of the dark and into the light.

Keep reading to learn some of the top tips and tricks for brightening up a dark room this summer.


1. Bright Colors

While adding, removing, or swapping windows and walls may not be an option financially, a couple of cans of paint will do just fine. Color can play a major part in the tone and feel of a room.

Using dark colors will inevitably darken the room. Likewise, using lighter colors like white will help to brighten up a room. Painting walls and even the ceiling white will help to brighten a room by reflecting the light instead of absorbing it.

However, even too much white can be a bad thing. If you find the room is too bright because of the white, try using cooler colors like blues. Adding a cooler blue accent wall will help to lessen the brightness while keeping a balance between the light and the dark?

2. Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs are a great way to brighten up a dark room. Updating the lightbulbs within your room to daylight bulbs will do the trick just right.

Often, the soft glow bulbs provide a gloomy feel to the room. You might also think about brightening up lamp shades or even removing them altogether.

Taking control of the light that enters your room and is emitted from the room to control how bright or dark the room feels.

3. Window Treatments

When it comes to taking control of the light entering your room to brighten it up, there is no better way than changing up your window treatments. Window shutters are a great way to control the amount of light that enters your room.

Plantation shutters are a great option when it comes to controlling the amount of light and fresh air that gets in. Not only can you open the shutters all at once, but you can also open them partially, allowing you to control the amount of light that comes in and where it goes.

You’ll be able to brighten up your room without worrying about a bothersome glare on a TV screen or the sun getting in your eyes while you try to read.

4. Area Rugs

Along the same lines as painting, area rugs are a great way to use color to brighten up a room. Much like the ceiling, the color of your floor can have a massive effect on the tone and mood of a room.

Now no one is suggesting painting your floors. Or even getting new flooring. Instead, find a nice light area rug that matches your décor to brighten up your room.

When it comes to area rugs, you may be tempted to find elaborate, gorgeous, and utterly stunning designs for them. However, make sure the color scheme will achieve the desired effect of lightening up the room. Also, make sure the design matches the décor of the room.

If you opted for simple white walls and plain light colored furniture, buying an elaborately patterned rug probably wouldn’t make sense. Likewise, if you’ve got floral patterns everywhere to include on your window shutters, you might be safe with a floral patterned rug.

Step into the Light

When summer is in full swing, nothing is more depressing than sitting in a dark and dreary room. Luckily, with a few simple tricks, any room can be brightened up.

Remember that colors and lighting are very important to brighten up a room. Area rugs, repainting walls, and even shutters are a great way to add lighter colors and control the light entering a room.

There’s no reason to spend your summer living in darkness when the rest of the world is enjoying the bright sun and cools breeze. Brighten up your rooms today!

How are you brightening up your space this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

Erin Emanuel