Easy Ways to Keep Your Garden Valuables Secure

Let`s face it, the residential garden can be a treasure trove of valuable items that if not properly secured can easily go walkabout if a criminal comes visiting. As such in addition to the obvious things you can do to protect your valuables such as having a fence in good condition to keep people out  and a gate that can be locked to prevent access into the garden it also pays to lock your belonging away in a safe location away from the eyes of the criminal. With this in mind the following article is designed to provide advice and guidance to help you select the best garden storage solution to protect your belongings.

Wooden Sheds

wooden shedsWhilst you will find a shed in most residential gardens many of them have seen far better days, offer little in terms of security and often look unsightly. Criminals are aware of this hence the reason they are targeted so often. As such with a huge array of affordable products now on the market in a choice of sizes and designs it has never been so easy to get hold of a replacement. With this in mind here is a breakdown of common shed designs.

Apex Roof Designs – This type of garden building features a pitched roof to allow water to run off ensuring the internal contents remain dry. Available with or without the option of a window they are normally designed with the door located in the end of the shed therefore this option may not be suitable to all locations.

Pent Roof Designs – Rather than having a dual pitch roof a pent shed features a mono pitch roof. As such it is perfect where the structure needs to be placed against a wall or awkward corner. The drawback to this design is that as the pitch is not as steep the internal storage height is a little more restrictive.

Overlap Sheds – Available as a pent or apex design a shed of this nature is constructed using overlapped timber boards fixed to a lightweight internal framework to provide stability and help to create a solid barrier to the elements. Ideal for securing low value items an overlap timber shed is cheap, easy to build however does not offer high levels of security.

Shiplap Sheds – Rather than being constructed from overlapping rough sawn timber boards a building of this nature is constructed using lengths of tongue and groove timber built onto a sturdy internal framework. The interlocking design makes for a more secure and robust structure and as a result is better suited to storing higher value items such as tools and lawnmowers.

Storage chests

storage chestsWhere the space is too small to house a shed or you simply want an additional means of protecting your valuables a wooden storage chest can prove invaluable. Generally available in sizes around 6ft x 4ft they are small enough to fit onto a patio or balcony but offer ample internal space for housing your belongings. In addition to this because they feature a lockable lid they are a great way of keeping criminals away from your belongings.

Metal Sheds

metal shedsThe perfect low maintenance alternative to timber, metal sheds will offer all the security benefits of a timber shed without the need to carry out maintenance. Constructed from a number of panels that simply snap together they are also ideal for creating additional temporary storage. Featuring sliding access doors they are increasing in popularity however due to the fact that they get a lot of condensation build up inside they are not really suitable for storing anything electrical inside for any extended length of time.

Plastic Storage Units

PLASTIC TALL GARDEN STORAGE UNITAlthough the initial impression of plastic is that it is weak a storage unit constructed from this material is in fact as secure as any other form of product. Requiring absolutely no maintenance the most common types of plastic storage unit come in the form of cupboards and boxes.

Garden Stores

Garden StoresWhere space is tight but tall objects need to be secured away a timber garden store is a great investment. Taking up less space than an average garden chair they a basically a shrunken down garden shed. Ideal for balconies, terraces and patios this type og security structure is excellent value for money.

To conclude, there are many easy ways you can secure your garden valuables, be it storing it in the garage, not leaving it lying around in the first place or investing in a new garden storage solution. Regardless of the route you choose always make sure you do not give criminals the opportunity of gaining access to your valuable belongings or you may find you need to reach in to your wallet to get replacements.

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Erin Emanuel


  1. I really like that timber sheds are a great way to keep your garden valuables secure. That is cool that there are so many designs that you can get for your shed and shed roof. Timber, I really like for a shed material, because it is durable and pleasant looking.

  2. We just started to sell some metal sheds, and they have been very popular. Wooden sheds are the most common, but I do agree with you that metal sheds have been seen to be more secure, or at least have that sense about them. Great information!

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