A healthier hearth – make your fireplace eco-friendly

Fireplaces have been the centre of homes for countless years and wood-burning fireplaces were the sole means to generate heat in the past. However, today we know that the smoke created from wood-burning fireplaces includes harmful compounds such as carbon monoxide which can cause a lot of health issues for those suffering from respiratory problems. The fumes also contribute to air pollution.

bio fuel fireplaces

Fireplaces do create a nice and peaceful ambience and this can still be achieved with an eco-friendly fireplace. Bio-fuel fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular for a reason.

  • They are clean-burning and green. These fireplaces are fuelled by bioethanol which is a renewable energy source.
  • Bio fuel is made up of organic materials such as corn and cellulose which means the fuel is biodegradable and healthy for the environment. No harmful or dangerous fumes and compounds are produced whilst it burns.
  • As bio-fuel fireplaces don’t produce fumes and smoke, there is no need for a vent or flue, making it easy to install and use. You do not need to make any adjustments and the fireplace can be moved around to be situated wherever you desire.
  • Instead, a bio-fuel fireplace creates a small amount of water vapour with the fire lasting a good few hours.
  • Ethanol fireplaces are also very easy to use because all they require is the burner to be filled with bioethanol and then be lit. It does not produce any ash or debris, leaving your home and your hands free of dirt.
  • Whilst ethanol fireplaces are not ideal to be used as the primary source of heat in a home, they can be used for added warmth, especially during the colder, winter months.

fireplace hearth

Another wood-burning alternative is to use wood pellets instead of wooden logs. Wood pellets are composed of several by-products that are being put to use rather than going to waste. These logs, unlike regular wood burning logs, usually burn out completely because they contain very little moisture. However, you would require a specific pellet stove or a fireplace insert to handle them securely.

Electric and gas fireplaces are other alternatives that do not directly produce very harmful emissions. Air quality both outside and inside the house is left unaffected and they do not cause distress to those dealing with allergies by producing dangerous emissions.

New and eco-friendly fireplaces are constantly being created and perfected to make sure the climate and peoples’ health are not damaged, while still allowing you to enjoy the heat and the ambience that is created by having a fireplace at the centre of a home.

eco friendly fireplace

Paige has over two years’ experience in interior design and lighting and has worked for several organisations. She is now working on behalf of Dorking Stoves and is spending more time in the field of green and environmentally-friendly design.

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