Eco- Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

It is time to think about our planet, Earth. And, why not? We live here; we use its resources for our own benefit and development in almost every field now. There are ways to do well for earth and one of them is going green. So, let us start from making our place eco-friendly. This article will give you steps to transform your place into eco-friendly house. These are some efficient, easy and convenient ways to help creating a place that favors the earth and your surroundings.


Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best ways to reduce the usage of fuel and worn-out parts. They are easy to be kept anywhere you can extract light from. You can power your home and offices for free, as the sun’s energy is converted into electricity. On a bright, sunny day approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet’s surface heat is given by the sun.

solar panels

Pest Control

You should make a habit to fumigate your place at least once a year. Pest control will keep your house safe from destruction. Pests are everywhere, from your walls to in your garden. They expunge it all whatever comes in their way.  Especially, they eat up your furniture. Hire a good pest control service and play your part in making home an eco-friendly place.

pest control

No wasting of water

Water is one of the natural resources and we should have a habit to value it. Stop wasting water. Make a habit to turn the tap off while brushing teeth. Fix all your faucets that leaks. Make your house watertight. Try wearing clothes a few times before getting them into laundry.

save water

The Three Rs

Make a habit to reduce, reuse and recycle. This is an excellent and efficient way to preserve organic and inorganic resources. You can re-use papers, old furniture, your clothes, cardboard and so many other stuff. Try experimenting old thing and turn them into something new and use them in different way.


Use power strips

Buy power strips for your computers. These strips are wonders; they prevent energy from being consumed as power flows to printers and scanners even if computer is switched off. So, this way power is not consumed by electronics which are not in used at the moment.

What is the color of your roof?

It is a common observation that dark colors take in more heat than the light colors. We often invest a lot in air conditioner and fans to keep our places cool. They take in massive energy to work. Your roof should be off light colored tiles so it takes in less heat and keeps your place cool. You should prefer having roof with white tiles.

Charge your phone, but in cars

Charging up your phone in your car is a better idea rather than charging up at your place. While you are driving long distances, plug your phone into your car charger so power would be taken from your car. Avoid texting while driving so your phone charges up quickly.

The above are some ideas with which you can create and eco-friendly environment. These steps are easy and will reduce the consumption of energy plus reduction in your electricity bill. So, when do you plan to implement?

Author Bio:

Alan Mcgee is a content writer for B&C Pest Control, a Lake Mary Pest Control Provider serving their clients with the best residential and business pest control services.

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