Eco-Friendly House Build – An Infographic

Deciding on a house build can be both exciting and stressful. It is exciting because you get to choose the style, the theme, the design and so much more that will go into it. Depending on your budget, you get to fulfill your dreams of what your ideal home will look like.

Despite the excitement, it is difficult not to escape the stress of a budget. The project will require great planning and it needs to be well thought out. Decisions on things such as the type of heating you choose will have cost repercussions throughout the time you spend in the house therefore it is important to choose wisely.

Incorporating an eco element to the house build might take a bit of extra research, effort and input costs. However there are a number of benefits to choosing this way.

This infographic from Senator Windows & Doors aims to give a guide on why you should choose the “eco” route when building your home. It gives some tips on how to achieve this and also shows some industry expertise which might be of help…check it out below!



Erin Emanuel