Eco Stucco – Dream Kitchens You Desperately Want To Cook In

Has cooking become a dreaded routine for you and you’re thinking too often of just buying a ready meal in town or grab

Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen Remodels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

something from the fast food? Would you have sufficient time for cooking, but you simply don’t feel like entering the kitchen? It could be because your kitchen isn’t that appealing. If that is the case, perhaps it’s time to look at new and marvelous designs to inspire you in creating a better, more inviting kitchen.


The Red Paint

This idea works best with vintage kitchens, but can be adapted to contemporary ones, too. Just paint as much as you can in red, but not everything. Red is a stimulating color and will not only boost your appetite, but also your eagerness to cook and experiment. Also, this makeover will make it a nice place for guests, too. You won’t be ashamed to have a guest or more in the kitchen, to keep you company as you are preparing a meal.

A Kingly Touch

Glam up your kitchen with adornments that may not seem appropriate at a first glance, like crystal chandeliers or decor objects covered in gold leaf. Bring in furniture pieces with lavish ornaments. Create shiny and sophisticated marble surfaces or glamorous tiles in dark colors.

Black & White

B&W in the kitchen represents a welcome contrast that is very stimulating. It will disrupt the unpleasant sight of plain white, which can look too boring. Alternate these two as much as you can.

Pendant Lamps

Long, sometimes low-hanging lamps are called pendant lamps. These can be oversized or small, simple or ornate. They work well with wooden walls or, generally, in kitchens with a lot of wooden furniture in honey hues. These elements alone can create an addictive atmosphere and bring a new dimension to your cooking space.

The No-Wall Option

Is your house facing a picturesque landscape, perhaps a waterfront? Why out walls between you and this, then? You can choose to replace one exterior kitchen wall with big glass windows for an amazing and refreshing view and for plenty of natural light. Cooking and eating will then be a top pleasure.

The Two-Level Kitchen

Build a platform or carve a ‘pit’ to create wonderful dynamic and separate two kitchen areas. You will have to call for professionals, but it will be worth it. Thus, you can have a cooking place next to a distinct, very cozy dining space.

Metallic Appeal

There’s something very attractive about plain, shiny metallic surfaces in a kitchen. It’s inciting in an unexpected way. Be daring and have metallic gray counters and appliances. You may spread this to other surfaces as well. What is left should be black and white or wooden.

In the Woods

Make the kitchen all wooden, preferably a lighter shade of wood. If there is enough vegetation around the house, then you can opt for many windows to let the green shine through. If the landscape doesn’t allow it, then adorn the kitchen with many potted plants.

If any of these ideas sound good to you, then you can start creating yourself a better cooking place in your house. Even the food will seem tastier, trust this.

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