Effective Cockroach Control Tips for Your Home

American-cockroachCockroaches… Ah no! Nobody wants to see these pests at home hovering around our loved ones. They not only make a gross sight when they scamper around the house, but are also proven carriers of diseases like gastroenteritis and salmonella. If you are worried about the cleanliness of your home and want to protect your family from these pests, you might want to know about to manage to escape from them? Well, there are numerous options of professional pest control available in and around Sacramento. They help flush out a cockroach infestation and provide much needed relief to your family members.

However before we enlist their help, there are a few basic hygiene steps that we need to inculcate in order to prevent the nuisances from wandering into our houses. Let’s look at what these are –

Some simple pest control tips

  1. Get rid of open/stale food and water: Food should be kept in refrigerator or sealed in packages. Remove grease, crumbs and debris from the crevices and cracks. In addition, eliminate the water sources for the pets too, look for moisture under the sinks, near water heaters, bath areas, air conditioning, and clean it regularly. Eliminating such inviting sources will arrest the growth of pests.
  2. Eliminate their hiding places: Check for any storage areas in the interiors and exteriors, and areas near fireplace or plastics bins and keep them clean and dry to prevent pest infestation. Try to use plastic boxes for nursery or food sources.
  3. Seal the entry points: Inspect the exteriors of structures and the seal up entry points; they are usually around pipes, doors and windows, electrical conduits and so. Use foam sealant to keep the cockroaches and other pests out.
  4. Don’t use OTC pesticides: Be wise while using pesticides and know about their work. Ineffective pesticides are simply waste, and they are even harmful for the health of our pets and family too. Hence, superior quality pesticides should be used carefully and in right manner. Remember that over application of pesticides is also bad.

Following these steps not only makes your household get rid of cockroaches, it also helps professional pest control agencies to do a better job at all-round pest control services.

Mistakes to avoid for pest control

  • Prevention is better than cure: Usually, people have the habit of using the pest control services or methods only when they see pests around. Well, this is wrong. Get the service done regularly at specific time intervals to keep the home premises protected round the clock.
  • Self-treatment or using over the counter spray: Many of us simply purchase sprays and use them whenever we find pests roaming in our houses. Instead of this, opt for longer term solutions with help of professional pest control companies

In order to avoid the above mistakes, it is always better to hire services of a reputed company. One such pest control company in Sacramento is Advanced IPM. Try our reliable and proven services to get a pest-free home for a long time.

Erin Emanuel