Effective Ways to Make Your Warehouse More Secure

Whether you have a small, discreet warehouse operation or a much larger enterprise, security should be of paramount importance. Let’s take a look at a few things you should already be doing and a few that you perhaps have not yet considered.

The old fashioned CCTV systems have had their day. The newer digital versions have unlimited tapeless storage capacities (within reason) and capture images that are hundreds of times clearer than the old type of video. Video cameras essentially were really only for show years ago, working as a deterrent for criminals. The likelihood that you’d get a good image of someone (that the police could actually use) was pretty low, whereas any intruders these days would be captured in all their 1080i, widescreen glory. A decent camera system is essential.


If potential for losses through staff damages or theft are a concern, interior camera systems will be of great use too. Another option for this type of security concern would be to include a security cage so that particularly high value items are kept within a double level of security in a locked cage in a central position in the warehouse. By keeping tabs on who has access to the cage, you immediately make the risk of theft much lower. Simple placement of items also matters. Don’t leave bins near any stock and make sure that fire escapes, toilets and other doors are far away from easily lifted stock items.

If the layout of your warehouse is too open, you would be wise to consider a more security conscious re-design. Metal warehouse partitioning can be used to keep certain rooms and areas away from casual staff or indeed to build a safety room or security cage in a safer spot. Making theft difficult and more risky is the best way to put people off even trying.

If you are after something a little more advanced and high-tech, larger warehouses use digital tagging systems that allow real time checks on stock levels down to the individual item. If anything goes missing, you’ll know right away. For those seriously worried about night time burglars there are smoke systems you can buy that will fill your whole warehouse with a smoke fog in seconds, sending all but the most desperate of crooks out the nearest door empty handed.

Loss through damages and theft will never be reduced to zero, but there is a lot you can do to reduce the numbers. Hiring policies, ongoing staff checks and strong communication between management and regular staff members will also lead to fewer losses in the long term. Don’t get bogged down in new security tech; just be smart about how you design and run your warehouse. Decent cameras, a smart layout and trustworthy staff members should set you off in the right direction.

Author Bio:

Ray Traylor has been writing about and reviewing security systems and loss prevention techniques for more than a decade. Whether you are looking for the latest HD camera systems or security specific warehouse partitioning, be sure to check the latest news and reviews.


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