Embrace your Shoe Fetish through Furniture

Are you like Imelda Marcos and have a vast collection of shoes? If you do, then you will no doubt want to bring shoes into every part of your home! This infographic showcases some amazing furniture in the form of shoes. Home accessories also abound, with quirky ways shoes are used to hold and display a range of household items.

Be inspired by a luxury bath tub in the shape of an elegant high-heeled shoe. This stunning contemporary design is a far cry from old-fashioned slipper baths! You will be able to relax in a bath that will indulge your shoe fetish in the most awesome way.

Show a little women power and have a dramatic, highly polished, red office desk in the form of a shoe. Oozing chic style, it would make a real statement in a corporate world dominated by men!

Or maybe you see your passion for shoes in a slightly more light-hearted way. Quirky and whimsical coffee tables, house plant holders or as an unusual place for your audio speakers are all available in the form of stylish shoes.

As you look through the infographic you will see that furniture designers have even taken shoes outside, so to speak, in the form of luxury sun loungers.

If you love shoes, you will find this infographic highlights ways to let your passion be included throughout your indoor and outdoor living space.


Erin Emanuel