How To Be More Energy Efficient In The Workplace

Making your office energy efficient requires research and thoughtfulness. Your company can begin conserving energy, or you can use alternative energy options that make your office more efficient. You may want to create a clean energy plan for the office, or you might begin conserving energy using the tips listed below. Plus, you should consider how to save energy when it gets very cold during the Alberta winter.


Create An Energy Conservation Plan

energy-efficient-workplaceCreate an energy conservation plan for your company that includes energy usage rules, more efficient appliances, and even efficient electronics in the office. An energy conservation plan tells your staff to turn off the lights when they leave the room. You may instruct the staff to turn off the copier when they are done using it, and you should ask everyone to turn off their workstation at the end of the day.

You can use energy-efficient light bulbs in the office, use better light fixtures, and open blinds to let natural light into every office. Plus, you must set your thermostat to a moderate temperature that will not overheat the building in the winter or freeze out the staff in the summer.

Your energy conservation plan should include shutting down the entire building on the weekends. Plus, you should think of using alternative energy sources for your office.

Add Renewable Energy Options To The Office

You may add solar panels to your roof or put a wind turbine on the property. Electricity providers in Calgary allow you to sell excess solar power back to the power company for a profit, or you could use solar power to manage things like the AC, servers, or lights.

You could use solar panels to create a backup battery to use during a blackout. Plus, you could take your company off the traditional power grid if you are collecting enough wind or solar power. You can create battery packs that can be plugged in in an emergency.

Geothermal power, heat, and cooling can be used to make your office more efficient. You may need to use an alternative energy source because you need to supplement the amount of power that you use. If your office is using all renewable energy, you do not need to worry about utility bills.

Wind turbines can be very effective in the winter because high winds will produce more energy for the office. If you are using wind power to heat the office, you will not need to worry about paying higher utility bills. If you get a lot of sun in the summer, you have enough energy to keep the office cool without using the municipal power grid.

How Do You Stay Warm In The Cold Alberta Winter?

Staying warm in the Alberta winter is very important because it will snow and get very cold. You must make sure that you have your thermostat set to a moderate temperature. You want consistent air circulation in the building that keeps people warm. You must set a standard in your office that the thermostat is not turned up for no reason, and you must make sure your building is updated with insulation and weatherstripping

Insulation and weatherstripping ensure that air is not escaping the building, and you will prevent a draft from blowing through the building in the winter. If you leave the blinds open in the winter, you will get a bit of heat from the sun through each window. You could even add solar panels to each window that power heaters in each office.

If you are managing an office that is in the middle of Calgary, you may need to be creative when powering your building. Make sure you can put solar panels on the roof, put solar panels at each window because you do not own the whole building, or start a coop with the rest of the businesses in the building if you are using solar panels or wind turbines.


Making your workplace energy efficient is a very important part of managing the company. You do not want to waste money on traditional power or gas when you can conserve energy in the office, use alternative power sources, and keep your office at a moderate temperature during the cold Alberta winters.

Erin Emanuel