Energy Saving Tips

With the cold winter months beginning to creep in on us home owners are starting to feel the pinch on their wallets as they begin to turn on their heating in the mornings and evenings. With goods becoming more and more expensive home owners want to do as much as possible to save money where they can.  Meteor Electrical has comprised this quick guide so you too can save money on your home energy bills with free and cheap tips!

Energy Saving Tips


Lighting Tips

When choosing the lights for your home it is highly recommended that you choose energy efficient LED lights. Led lights contain a small chip that allows voltage to pass through so that the bulb can illuminate. This typically allows the bulb to stay alit for longer meaning you won’t have to change the bulbs as often which are great for you and the environment! It has been proven that LED lights do use 80% less energy than standard bulbs while still providing adequate lighting for the home typically for 100,000 hours!

Bathroom tips

The most talked about energy saving tip that nearly everyone is aware of is taking showers rather than baths. However have you ever wondered how efficient your shower is? Many people are not aware that energy efficient shower heads do exist and they do save quite a bit of energy with a small cost.  Many showers often have drips and many choose to ignore them however it is best to get these fixed as soon as you can as they waste more water than you may think!

Kitchen tips

When cooking people sometimes pick the first saucepan they get their hands on just out of handiness. However make sure to only use the correct size for the hob or the food you are cooking as this wastes a lot of energy that could be used elsewhere. This also applies to dishwashers make sure you only switch them on when they are full otherwise it is a waste as it will be on more frequently when it does not need to be.  The next tip is in regards to fridges and freezers; it is more efficient for the freezer if it is full as it doesn’t use as much energy as it doesn’t have to work as hard. But make sure you don’t forget about it as they need defrosting often as ice builds up making the freezer work harder.

Living room tips

As the cold evenings are coming in many home owners pull the curtains which is sensible as this keeps the heat in. However some pull them over the radiators and this defeats the purpose as it sends the heat out the windows rather than into the room. When leaving the living room do not leave devices on standby such as the television as this wastes a lot of energy in the course of a year.

If you implement even a few of these tips you will slowly see your energy bill coming down in price as the months go on and you can even put the money you saved towards something you would really like such as a holiday or a new car!

Erin Emanuel