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Modern landscaping is usually characterized by streamlined style that gravitates towards minimalism in every aspect. Contemporary gardens are viewed as an extension of the indoor living space, not just as a place where you can relax and unwind after a stressful day. When it comes to design, they are expected to have a polished and refined look, discarding every unnecessary detail confronting this minimalistic orientation. Of course, all the basic elements are still there, put together to achieve contemporary and artful, yet inviting appearance.


Let the nature in

Although modern gardens put emphasize on strong visual elements and hardscaping, they are still gardens — a place to relax and get in touch with nature in otherwise urban surroundings. The key is, as always, in balance. Hardscape and softscape should complement each other with contrasting elements.


If the hardscaping elements of your garden lack structure and elegance, you can use plants to create that sophisticated effect. Of course, if you have followed the guidelines in designing the modern looking garden which already has an abundance of strong visual elements, go for softer looking plants that will humanize the space. It is recommended to stick to shades and hues of green.

However, you shouldn’t completely shy away from color, it can add warmth and liven up the entire garden. When it comes to choosing the plants that fit into the concept of modern landscaping, it seems that succulents and ornamental grasses are a preferred choice. Limit the number of different species and consider implementing structural planting.

Everyone loves geometry


Geometric shapes are usually a must, as they create certain dynamics in otherwise potentially sterile surroundings. Also, they can be employed to signal or lead the way to a focal point of a garden such as a fire pit which can complement the contemporary design. A modern garden usually has a lot of rectangle and square shapes, although some prefer softer circular shapes. Outdoor grids are becoming very popular, as grass tiles and stone tiles help define the space and even make it look bigger. Terrace landscaping is considered to bring an elegant touch.

Comfort and style

Maybe you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, entertaining guests or enjoying family time in your garden, so carefully consider the type of furniture you need. Depending on the planned activities, you can choose from a variety of contemporary pieces which can add both comfort and elegance to your garden. Having a lot of space means you can opt for a seating set or a patio dining set. Benches can beautifully blend into your elegant garden, and there are many to choose from, so find the right one that fits perfectly into contemporary settings. Folding chairs and outdoor stools will pull it off if you don’t have enough space. In case you were wondering, hammocks are still popular among those who still prefer comfort over style. For the ones that don’t want to make that choice, the good news is that you can have it both — an elegant looking hammock. As always, lighting can make a huge difference when it comes to overall appearance. Strategically positioned lighting will transform your garden during the night and during the day light fixtures can add that modern touch.

Simple is beautiful

The materials used to obtain contemporary effect usually include concrete and gravel, accompanied with unornamented surfaces as the hallmark of modern aesthetics. The goal is to emphasize the simplicity of design. It’s all about well-organized layout that favors clean lines and solid structure. The position and shape of basic elements like planters can have a significant role in designing the contemporary gardens such as modern gardens by Think Outside Gardens. Colors are either natural and unpretentious or totally bright and bold. If you are uncertain which color is the safest pick, opt for white or gray. You can add a few elements in a bolder color if you notice that your garden’s appearance is on the dull side.

Less is more

Some contemporary gardens may seem uninviting if they lack balance between hardscape and softscape elements, especially given the fact that hardscaping is of vital importance when designing a contemporary garden. The key is not to overdo it and transform your lovely garden into a concrete jungle instead of a calming retreat. In this case, less is certainly more. Also, pay attention to your choice of greenery. You can decide to go for structural planting and make the whole garden look more modern and streamlined, or you can allow some of your plants to look the way nature intended in order to obtain less sterile appearance. Either way, make sure that your garden incorporates the best of both worlds. Of course, adding some finishing touches that will personalize the space will make the time spent in your garden even more enjoyable.


Erin Emanuel

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  1. I have a small garden but a sort of long patio. I’m trying to make it look like it’s just one big garden. I’ll try putting in some of those soft green plants as you suggest.

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