Why is Ergonomic Furnishing Important in Organizations?

Office Furniture Package

                                                                            Office Furniture Package

Ergonomics is a popularly spoken term, nowadays. In organisations, employers purchase ergonomically suitable furnishing items and comfortable office furniture packages for their staff. How are these type of furniture different from the regular furniture we have been seeing across offices? The following article will talk about what ergonomics is and its importance in business furnishing.

Ergonomics is the study of work, which helps in fitting jobs to the people who work in them. “Ergonomics focuses on the work environment and items such as the design and function of workstations, controls, displays, safety devices, tools and lighting to fit the employee’s physical requirements, capabilities and limitations to ensure his/her health and well-being” (The University of Chicago, Ergonomics).

Employees spend a lot of their time in their workplaces; sitting or standing to accomplish their tasks. Working for long hours, sitting in one position or awkward postures in chairs can cause a lot of stress to an employee’s back and musculoskeletal system. Also, employees who stand and work for long hours, experience similar discomfort in their bodies. This discomfort can lead to health problems and lack of concentration, which in turn can affect their efficiency at work, suggests a paper published by CBS (CBS, The advantage of Ergonomics). Thus, nowadays, employers have started considering the well-being of employees in order to boost their morale and maintain their productivity levels.

The various benefits of ergonomic furnishing at workplaces can be listed as under (CBS, The advantage of Ergonomics):

executive office furniture

                                                                                 Executive Office Furniture

  1. Reduced injuries: By providing ergonomic furniture, companies can experience a reduction in injuries caused at work due to wrong sitting postures, slippage, etc.
  2. Reduced complaints of pain and discomfort: Provision for ergonomic executive office furniture can help reducing complaints of pain and discomfort at workplaces. It can help in maintaining the well-being of employees.
  3. Reduced absenteeism: Healthier employees take lesser sick leaves, which can result in better performances and better outcome for businesses.
  4. Increased focus of employees: If employees are healthy and are not distracted due to bodily aches and discomfort, they tend to focus more on work, resulting in positive results for businesses.
  5. Increased morale: According to the source, provision of ergonomic furnishing at companies makes employees feel motivated as then they are aware that their employers are taking efforts to make their workplaces safer. Also, with reduced discomfort and better productivity at work, an employee can feel motivated to continue his/her good performance.
  6. Improved productivity: As mentioned above, reduced injuries and improved concentration at work can impact an employee’s productivity positively.

From ergonomic desks and chairs to office chair mats, there are a variety of ergonomic furniture and furnishing items available across the market that can help organisations in enhancing the comfort levels in their workplaces. Following is a list of some of the essential furnishing items that are commonly required in organisations:

  • Desks: Companies can now purchase a variety of ergonomically designed desks from the market. From workforce desks to reception executive office desks, a diverse range in stylish and comfortable desks can be found online that come with height adjustable feature. The adjustability feature helps employees in adjusting their desks as per their convenience. Employees can also choose to stand and work by adjusting the height of their desks.

Executive Office Desk

                                                                                     Executive Office Desk

  • Chairs: Multiple options are available across the market for organizations to choose from. Employees who sit for long hours should be provided with lumbar supporting chairs or 24 hours chairs that are comfortable and offer spine support to reduce stress in their backs. Height adjust ability is another feature that helps employees to adjust their seating arrangement as per their convenience. Companies should not only focus on providing ergonomic chairs for work-space seating, but also for office canteen furniture range so that employees can rejuvenate themselves in the most comfortable way during their breaks.

    Office Canteen Furniture

  • Matting: As ergonomics refers to providing suitable work environment to employees, there are various other furnishing items apart from chairs and desks that help in adding comfort to an employee’s work. Matting in office is a common requirement. Furniture companies offer ergonomic matting for organizations to fulfill various ergonomic purposes. Slippage is a common cause of accidents and injuries at workplaces. Provision for non-slip matting thus helps in reducing such injuries. Also, in the ergonomic furnishing range, companies can find a variety of anti-fatigue mats that help in reducing stress on employees’ feet. These types of mats help organizations to maintain the well-being of their staff and increase their efficiency.
  • Equipment: Organizations can also extend the provision of providing ergonomically suitable equipment and accessories for their employees. Commonly required equipment at industrial workshops like step stools, handling tools, lifting tools and other items can be purchased with ergonomic handles and platforms to offer additional safety from injuries.

Executive Leather Office Chair

                                                                          Executive Leather Office Chair

There are various furniture companies from where employees can purchase ergonomic furnishing items. One of the companies that seems to deliver a wide range of comfortable and adjustable, ergonomically designed furniture items like executive leather office chairs to non-slip mats and more is AJ Products.


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