Essential Maintenance Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a new home can be less overwhelming if you know how to maintain it within your limited budget. The guide below will show you how to enjoy your new accommodation without getting stressed about maintenance, cost, and time.

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    Heating and Air Conditioning Checkups

Have your heating and air conditioning system thoroughly checked before moving in. The best time of the year to schedule a heating and air conditioning checkup is early summer or spring when the service professionals are not booked. It will not only save you time, but also money since peak times cost more. A well-maintained air conditioning unit remains functional for years and also reduces your monthly bills since it uses less energy.

  1. Proper Lawn Care


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To have a great-looking lawn on your property, you need to provide it with optimal care. You will have to purchase new equipment or hire a lawn care service. Educate yourself on lawn mowers and practice using a string trimmer. If you lack any of these, you can start off by purchasing a shovel, rake, and a few pruning tools. To fertilize the lawn yourself, you need to buy a spreader or get help from a professional. You can also ask your new neighbors for some recommendations.

  1. General Plumbing Maintenance

Before moving in, make sure to check your plumbing system thoroughly. See if there are any leaks. To do this, close all the fixtures inside and outside your house, and take a reading on your water meter. Take another reading after one to two hours and see if it has increased. If the meter reading has not increased, then there is no leakage. Hire a professional for repair if needed.

Repair and replace leaky pipes regularly. Be careful about what goes down the drain; avoid pouring anything greasy in there. Use sink strainers in the kitchen to prevent any food from going down the drains. Avoid using caustic drain cleaners which may damage the pipes. Use natural alternatives such as salt and boiling water instead. Plunging can also help. Otherwise, call a professional.

  1. Exterior Maintenance

If your house exterior looks dingy, you can have the siding power-washed. Power washers can also get the rain gutters all cleaned up and cleared out — clogged gutters can lead to roof leaks.

  1. Pest Control

Consider hiring a pest control service before moving to your new house. This is a job best left to a professional since they will be in a better position to identify the problem areas and treat them. They can even give you recommendations to protect your house from future infestations.

Taking the above measures before moving in will prevent major problems later on. For most services that require the help of a professional, it is best to book off-season. Plan ahead, considering the date you want to move into your new house. Following these steps is best before moving in, as this will save you extra effort of packing and unpacking while the professionals are inspecting your house.

Erin Emanuel