Essential Things to Know About Moving to Los Angeles

Moving to any big city can be stressful, but moving to a city the size of Los Angeles can be daunting. The Greater Los Angeles area has a population of 18 million people. This might feel overwhelming, but luckily the city is spread out well enough that it will never feel like it’s that compressed and populated. It may have a notorious reputation for traffic, but Los Angeles is a wonderland of eclectic neighborhoods, movie stars, a unique food scene, glorious sunny weather, and breath-taking beaches, which will all make up for it.  

moving-to-los-angelesIt’s no fib that relocation to LA rises after the beginning of the year. Those poor souls freezing in the Midwest and East Coast dream of warmer days. But before you contemplate living out your fantasies by the sand and surf, you’ll want to know a few things before you decide to live and work in the second-largest city in the United States.


Pick your neighborhood

The city offers numerous options and will let you live the way you want, whether by the sea, overlooking a valley, a gated subdivision, or a more affordable condominium. Before moving, experience staying in each area that interests you so you will know what best fits your needs. Be aware of the traffic so pick a neighborhood that will be close to your work, activities and social outings. Flashier areas in the city will obviously cost you more. 

Expect real estate prices to vary. Although you might have set your sights on a particular location, consult with a realtor, just to make sure that you don’t miss out on a place that had potential. Seek the help of a mortgage broker in Los Angeles to help you decide which area conforms to your personal budget. They can guide you in getting the best terms and rates if you cannot completely finance your dream home. But remember to always live within your means.

Acclimatize with the weather

The weather in Los Angeles, at its best, is sunny at least 70% of the time. Expect warm to hot days and cool nights for the most part of the year. This is also one of the popular reasons for moving to this sunshine state. The winter is milder than the rest of the United States, with soothing cooler temperatures and some rain. But beautiful weather also comes with a price, be open to experiencing earthquakes, smog, mudslides, drought, and wildfires. Always be prepared on how to evacuate and research the area you plan to move to and its past history with calamities to give you a better understanding of the region.

The residents are from diverse backgrounds

Los Angeles is typically associated as the city full of dreamers who hope to make it big in Hollywood as the next up and coming movie star. This may unquestionably be a major part of the LA vibe, but the city’s diverse cultures prove to be a large draw. Close to half of the population is Hispanic, with 10% Black and 10% with Asian backgrounds. Due to the good weather, the laid back west coast scene is what everyone has in common. The diversity is best reflected in the thriving food scene, with Mexican, Filipino, Chinese to Korean cuisines to choose from. One will never run out of good places to eat, from street food corners to trendy vegan cafes, fusion and fine dining restaurants.

The traffic situation is real

The downside of living in Southern California is the traffic. Los Angeles is known to have heavy traffic jams, so it is best to try and live near your work. If you are moving with children, pick a neighborhood with easy access to schools, hospitals, and a market area so you can avoid the rush. There is available public transportation such as buses and a subway but not as efficiently connected as other states. For the most part with the large freeways, there is no way around not using a car. You will need to apply for a new license, so find out the necessary requirements in advance to make your application process a smoother experience.

It’s a haven for sports

You may be bumping into top movie stars at the local farmers market, but if you are a major sports fan, L.A. offers popular basketball, baseball and football teams. Basketball fans have the Lakers and Clippers, football have the Rams and Chargers, while the baseball fans have the Dodgers and the Angels. There are top-line stadiums where you can watch your favorite team or if you’re open to going just for the fun of it. The city likes to keep healthy, where a selection of restaurants opts for organic-based meals. There are also multiple gyms that offer Pilates, Yoga, and the latest fitness trends.

Enjoy the outdoors

Persistently wonderful weather means you will love going outdoors. Los Angeles comes with sprawling and beautiful parks throughout the metro area, along with the calming powers of the sea. Take a trip down to Santa Monica Pier to grab fresh seafood straight from a fisherman’s boat. There are great places to trek, run and swim throughout the city so it will encourage you to keep fit. The drives along the coast are scenic, where the roads hug the mountains and the sea. If you have the stamina to keep driving and looking for the next adventure, Mexico is just around the corner.

In the end, choose what’s best for you. No matter where your desired L.A. neighborhood will be, make sure it adheres to your lifestyle and budget. Don’t forget to pack your best swimsuit and sunglasses, to soak in the glorious rays of the Los Angeles sun.

Erin Emanuel