Using Ethnic Designs and Patterns in Your Bathroom

Somewhere as our civilization progressed, the bathroom lost its significance.

Think of the deep sunk basins and uber-luxurious terra cotta bath tubs of ancient Greece, the many exotic baths of the beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the beautiful bathrooms of Indian princesses, and the magnificently mirrored and tiled bathrooms of Turkish queens.

History is filled with sights and stories of grand and luxurious bathrooms. However, the luxe factor definitely started receding in our modern, and more practically designed homes. The good news, however, is that the focus is back on bathrooms. And in this post we tell you how to get that ethnic, oriental, and mystic magic back in your bathroom through some simple additions and innovations.

Bathroom Design


Think Exotic, Think Tiles

Instead of regular mosaic, opt for glazed terracotta tiles in vivid colors for the wall behind your bath. If you love tiles as much as I do and think they are the epitome of exoticism and subtle splendor, opt for a patchwork of tiles on the vanity backsplash in warm and earthy hues.

Complement it by opting for a stone bowl basin in shades of sand and clay. But if it is grandeur that you are looking for, nothing works better than intricate Moroccan and Indian tile patterns in rich and royal colors on your walls and floors.

Leisurely rub on aromatic oils and get transported to the sensual lands of Egypt and Morocco while taking a bath.

Play with Lights

Lights are always interesting additions to any room. They can make a room go from warm to busy and cozy to business-like in minutes. If you want an ethnic and exotic makeover for your bathroom, you will be spoilt for choice as far as lighting options are concerned. Most Asian, African and Middle Eastern nations prefer a soft lighting in their bathrooms unlike our bright bathroom lights.

Marrakesh and Turkish lanterns come in beautiful shapes, colors and sizes. The designing is exquisite. Hang two or three of these gorgeous lanterns from your ceiling and let them be the only source of overhead lighting. Your bathroom will personify exoticism.

However, if you seek the tranquility of the lovely Asian spas, check out the host of pendant lights available in paper finish, bamboo and wood online or at an ethnic home décor store.

These lamps, both overhead as well as wall–mounted, come in beige, white, and hues of red. They are perfect for setting the atmosphere for a relaxing bath after a long day.

Have a Mixed Bag of Artifacts

Well-travelled, an avid reader, or simply a Google pro, you can easily chart down which local arts come from where and which of them you want in your bathroom décor.

Wood weave baskets are one of the simplest and yet most charming ways of bringing a slice of the African continent into your bathroom.  A flourishing local art, basket making is as much about beautifying interiors as about adding utility. African hay and wool weave baskets are colorful. They are perfect for injecting a dose of vibrancy in any bathroom and hiding away the dirty laundry.

An antique Indian carved panel or window can break the monotony of any bathroom and make bathing a most pleasurable experience. You might feel like a princess yourself.

Chinoiserie rugs can make rather interesting foot mats. You could also shop for cabinets and chinosierie-inspired bath accessories like soap dispenser, towel holders, and so on.

Include Some Surprise Elements

Ethnic décor always evokes a sense of wonder and surprise. Nail the ethnic look in your bathroom by bringing alive these elements. A beautiful, brass antique toilet paper holder, stylish bathroom hooks in Indian motifs, a sculpted Buddha lamp on a cabinet or a rack, a bohemian mirror in an unexpected corner, an antiquated silver holder for the tooth brush and other toiletries  are some of the unpredictable additions you can make to your bathroom to lend it a unique charm.

The Final Say

To have a truly luxe ethnic bathroom, don’t forget to always have some fresh flowers, an array of colors and smells and most importantly mesmerizing and intricate designing in your bathroom. This post was only to get you started in the bathroom redesign project. Do some browsing online on ethnic décor, read up a few books, talk to that Asian friend of yours. You will find creative inspiration to go ethnic everywhere.

Author Bio:

Jon Labelle is the marketing manager of Aquamaster Plumbing, a basement waterproofing company that offers professional and efficient waterproofing solutions for commercial, and residential clients in Toronto and Mississauga.

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