Everpure H 300 Specification

There is no better way to improve the overall health and happiness of a household than to improve the quality of living. A very efficient and affordable way to do so is to update the water filtration system in the household. Older systems take up far more space than necessary and use an inferior filtration method which is why at a short 22 inches (vertical) setup the H-300 Water Filtration System EV9270-70 is an excellent choice for any household.


  • An extremely important part of quality-living is the quality and health of the water behind fed to those within it. In order to maintain such a high standard of living quality and ensure the health of your loved ones.
  • The Everpure h300 filter EV9270-70 is a state-of-the-art filtration system which will allow you and your family to enjoy tasty clean water with the same ease and convenience of a lesser-brand filtration system. It is easy to use and simple to install and thankfully it fits just about anywhere that you might need clean water.
  • Almost any faucet under almost any sink will fit with no hassle and it takes tap water to the next level. Unnecessary additives such as extra chemicals and biological elements of pollution that could ruin your drinking experience and potentially be hazardous to your health. At nineteen and a half inches tall and a diameter of five by five inches the system is sized very conveniently and will fit in most locations.
  • Once fully installed the system will only be 22 inches tall; not even a two foot vertical setup for the best water purification system that money can buy. The system will come with a replacement filter cartridge and it also comes with an angle stop valve and a connector for whatever sink you may be using.
  •  The water flows at half a gallon per minute just as recommended for most multipurpose sinks. The filtration system works most efficiently and safely with cold water and it is not recommended that the system is used to filter water that is above one hundred degrees (thirty-eight degrees Celsius).
  • The lowest pressure the faucet will work with once the filtration system is involved is 10 pounds per square inch, the top end being 125 psi. The filter is capable of processing three hundred gallons of contaminated water to filtrated clean drinking or cleaning water.
  • The Everpure H-300 model 9270 is capable of filtering out several types of contaminants including lead, Trihalomethanes, and even taste problems caused to chlorine which most filters might leave behind. In addition to this, oxidized iron, manganese, and sulfide particles will be filtrated out leaving much clearer and better-looking water for your cleaning or drinking purposes.
  • The specifics of the filtration system will completely filter out all particles that are larger than one half of a micron in size.
  • These particles, once removed, eliminate dirt and cloudiness. To put it in easier to understand terms, the spread of particles in size that will the filter will allow you to keep out of your water chemicals that have been proving many times over to be harmful to the human body. Smaller particles will include the bacteria that can cause infections and the larger materials removed will ensure that the taste and coloration are both preserved. Thus, upgrading one’s filtration system is an excellent way to improve the quality of living and health for all of those in the family. Removing elements such as lead, iron, and excess chlorine will not only ensure that your friends and loved-ones are protected from harmful diseases, but it will also greatly improve the taste and the water as well as the physical appearance.

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Wayne Bond is an environmentalist as well as a ardent blogger. He has written many articles on different types of water purifiers and their pros and cons.



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