Everything You Need to Work Outdoors This Summer

Now that more of us are working from home, working as freelancers, or running our own home businesses, we’re often keen to get outdoors and work in the fresh air when we can. We dream of long summer days working in the garden while we enjoy some sunshine and vitamin D. But in reality, it’s often not as great as it is in our imaginations. It’s too hot to work comfortably, the sun’s glare means that we can’t see our screens, and ultimately laptops will overheat and start to crash.

Work Outdoors This Summer

But there are plenty of benefits to working outdoors. More fresh air and vitamin D are, of course, good for you. But you might also find that you are more creative and productive when you work outdoors. It can be a big boost to your physical and mental health but also your performance and enjoyment of your job. If you are keen to work outdoors while you can, here is a look at everything that you need.


A Workspace

The workspace you need depends on the nature of your work. Most of us are fine with a table and an outdoor chair, as long as they are a good height, supportive, comfortable, and give us plenty of space. You might need more space for a more creative job with more materials though.

A Sun Lounger

Working outdoors isn’t all work. A sun lounger is a place to unwind and relax, but also somewhere to sit and think when you’ve got a problem to work through. Take a look at some SunloungersVidaXLfor ideas.

Some Shade

One of the hardest parts of working outside is getting the timing right. It’s usually too cold to sit outside, too hot to be comfortable, or too sunny to see your screen. A shaded area helps you to stay cool and avoid screen glare. A simple parasol over your table can be ideal.


On the other hand, you might find yourself freezing as soon as the sun moves behind a cloud. A blanket that you can take outdoors means that you don’t have to go inside every five minutes.

A Covered Area

Summer showers are, unfortunately, common. If you’ve got a covered area, perhaps over your decking, you can stay outside for a while. At least until you know how heavy the shower is going to get.

An Extension Cable

Obviously, you’ll need to be careful if you are working outdoors with electrical appliances, especially if you are worried about rain. On sunny days you might decide to take your laptop or other equipment out. This might mean that you need an extension cable or a power bank if you want to work out for more than an hour or two.

A Wi-Fi Booster

If your table is fairly close to your house, you might not have to worry about your internet connection. But if you work at the back of your garden, a booster means that you don’t need to worry about dropped signals or buffering.

Working outside can be great, as long as you’ve got everything that you need so that you don’t have to run inside at the first sign of a weather change.

Erin Emanuel