How To Execute Perfect Office Moves Across Town

When you are moving your office across the country or town, preparing for a perfect office move requires serious planning. Maintain a task list of what needs to be done is vital. Prepare this a month or some weeks before the move.

Execute Perfect Office

Here are some tips for a perfect office move across town.

Planning of The Move

First, employ a moving company who knows what they are doing. Devise a plan and explain it to the office personnel. Figure out what insurance information is required for the move. Look at the new premises carefully, consider the amount of room and assess the amount of furniture that can be put there. Communicate with your mover and ask the right questions.

Items to be moved

Write down your posession and what needs to be done. Do not move all the office furniture you have, it will just be too much. Choose the things you want to relocate that you really need or give away stuff that will not be useful in the new place. Create a comprehensive inventory of all items that will be moved.

New contacts

Fill in the forms for new contacts. Submit forms for current telephone contacts, fax numbers as well as the current online available contacts to the right department in the company. If the telephone system is used in the new office, hire the services of a specialist to clear up the system after moving to the new office. It is important to get up to date letterheads and cards, changing the post addresses and ensuring that the correct contacts are attached to the mailing piece. Bring the company employees up to date, order keys and access cards and ensure the safety measures of the site is put in place prior to the office move.

Individual paperwork

Before the relocation takes place, put one day aside to talk to the staff members and allow them to pack their belongings. This will be the day for packing all the needed office documents. The office staff should draft a list indicating the quantity of belongings one has in terms of the number of cartons. They should also label the cartons and include the contents in the list. Each individual should then hand in the list to the moving organizer.

Plan a day where the staff will view the new office and get familiar with directions to the new office space. One should have cards with access to be given out to the employees. Also the admission cards to the new office should be made ready in advance and given out to the respective staff. Plan a day when the employees are able to dispose and destroy documents that are no longer required by the office. This will push the employees to avoid carrying irrelevant documents to the new office. Plan to relocate at the end of the week, say Thursday or Friday so that the weekend can be used for other relevant activities.

Ensure a good relationship with the IT department to make sure that the connection of the servers and all computer systems are faultless. You can use this chance to improve and strategize for the proper functioning of the electronics.

Put in place images or signs that will help in the relocation process. On the images or signs, indicate the floor layouts. Mark the equipment’s new location and the route to be followed by the movers. You can minimize the ‘relocation chaos’ by, for instance, huge red marks on items that will be taken to the room or a position in the room that has been marked with the same color.

Lastly, do not try to do the office move on your own. Get a moving company. They have the right equipment, and they are very professional since they do moving for a living.

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Erin Emanuel