Exterior decoration – things that can easily be kept outside for decoration purposes

Patios are used in the warm season as an extension to a house’s dining or living room. They’re excellent spaces for family gatherings, dinners, and daily siestas. Hammocks, wicker tables and chairs, cushions, and swings are just some decor elements you can include in your patio. However, to make this space even more interesting and original, it needs something more. Here are some chic decoration ideas for the backyard.

decoration ideas for the backyard


Curtain shades

If you’re using the porch to relax, read or entertain guests, creating a soothing ambiance will add romance and intimacy. Install curtain shades to have that comforting effect and make sure to add the right lighting. Dim lights are excellent for the evening; if you’re not into curtains, include blinds and create the most romantic ambiance.

Accessorize the patio with flower pots

Flower pots should dominate your patio. Make sure they’re well-chosen and seasonal. If you have a favorite color that makes you relax, use it. Summer is such a colorful and vibrant season, and given the variety of flower types, you will certainly find the right combination to relax you. Apart from flowers, patios should also feel complete. The easiest way to do that is with welcome mats. These special rugs for the outdoors are excellent for backyards that are dull and empty.

Alfresco dining

For decoration purposes, some things can be left outside. With the right building materials and the most durable furnishings, you will be able enjoy the most delicious alfresco meal in your backyard nook. Create a level surface for chairs and tables from stacked stone, add candles and place mats, and enjoy the all-natural feeling of your backyard. For a more comfortable feeling, include colorful welcome mats. Opt for durable materials for the outdoors such as rubber, bamboo, and coir, and look for interesting shapes and patterns.

Alfresco dining

Entrance mats for the outdoors

Entrance mats are excellent decor items for the outdoors. You can place them outside, on the veranda or in the backyard. There are many types available in the marketplace, so it’s best to research prior to deciding on a specific type. Here are some ideas of entrance mats for the outside area of your home:

  • Scraper mats – excellent for entryways, these mats have a practical purpose. They’re meant to act as defense against dirst and grime. Built with edges, scrapers have an open-holed or vinyl system that forces the debris to fall on the mat.
  • Coir mats – coir is a natural substance that is created from the bundling of coconut fibers. Excellent for the outside area of your home, these mats withstand harsh weather conditions and intense foot traffic.
  • Bamboo mats – entrance mats made from bamboo are excellent for outside areas of the home. They’re excellent for patios and backyards because they add style and elegance. If you’d like to adorn the outer space of your home but you’re on a budget, bamboo mats are ideal choices.

Deck decor

Every home should have a well-maintained outside area. Don’t panic as you won’t have to invest a fortune to transform your deck into the most appealing room of the house. Start by painting your patio furniture, and include budget-friendly decorations to add innovation. Flora-filled containers will instantly brighten a forgotten corner; add pots with greens and herbs on the veranda, and leave them outside permanently. They’re fresh and can be used as ingredients for your patio barbeque. Basil, mint, and rosemary are great herbs to grow in pots, however, if you’re crazy about tea, you can always choose lemon or chamomile.

Deck decor

Add color with cushions

Cushions make patios look and feel comfortable. If you can’t afford to add more expensive accessories in the backyard, placing cushions on chairs, in hammocks, and on the ground, is an excellent way of switching things up in the backyard and including more color.

There are so many ideas you can use to transform your patio into the most comfortable room of the house. Summer time is a homeowner’s favorite season of the year. The warm weather permits them to include all kinds of decorations in the backyard; from flower pots and cushions, to entrance mats and candle lights, the goal is to make your outer space seem comfortable, chic, and stylish.

Erin Emanuel