Extravagant Carpet Designs To Beautify Your Living Space

The most used room in your house is your living room, it is because you spend your most of the time in this room, you organize the party in this room. Moreover, when the guest arrives, this room is bound to be used. So, it is mandatory to decorate your living room uniquely. The home interior does not only depend on the walls, but also its designs, furniture, sofa, and couch, you can also use amazing living room carpet that gives a different look to your house.

You can easily use sustainable, interesting carpet designs, for the attractive appearance of the home. Well, the carpets are available in various materials, shapes and sizes, you can buy as per your requirement and budget. If you are looking for best carpet for the living room, then check out the given list:

Tapistongs Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

It is very beautiful rug carpet that can be used in a modern living room. The design is very different from normal carpets. It’s not only a rug, but it has four footprints where the two matching pairs of slippers should be. So, you can wear the slippers, and your carpet is moving with you in your house. It is made up by French designer Lise El Sayed.

Hopscotch Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

Hopscotch is a kid play carpet, you can buy for your child or put anywhere in the house. It is truly an enjoyable carpet idea, even for grownups. It is available in various designs, materials, colors, and sizes.

Shoelaces Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

These shoelaces rugs are incredibly fun and original, you can prepare at your home as well. You have to just buy a bunch of shoelaces and tying them. You can also buy ready-made rugs on the internet at the nominal price. Many pets have the habit to play with carpets, so you can buy for them, they’ll surely love it.

Tabriz Carpet : 

Extravagant Carpet Designs

To get the best carpet for living room, you can select the Persian carpet which belongs from the city Tabriz, Iran. So, it is known as Tabriz Carpet. It is available in various designs in some dominant colors like cream, red or navy blue. It gives a royal look to your house; you can buy it from a store or online as per your requirement.

Recycled Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

Nowadays, people are encouraging the Go-Green subject, and learn more about the wastage, so they are trying to recycle items if possible. So, in this chain, many manufacturers are paying attention and prepare carpet from the recycled items. In today’s era, it is really important to focus on the environment.

Cut and Loop Carpet : 

Extravagant Carpet Designs

Another living room carpet is known as Cut and Loop carpet. It is a very different and old-fashioned theme, but it is now in trend. Cut and loop carpet was popular in the 70s, and lost power, but in the ‘80s, back again. This means history is repeating itself.

Sightlines Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

If you have an eye problem, then before going to the doctor just check out at the home only. Yes, this carpet helps you to check your eyesight is good or not. It is very funny and unique carpet that you can use in your house. Your guest will also surprise.

Landscape Relief Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

For your kid’s room, you can go with the Landscape Relief Carpet was designed by Laurens van Wieringen and feels comfortable and fun to walk on. It is available in various colors, and it is made up of tiny foam bars. Well, you can also enjoy it with your kids.

Lhasa Carpet : 

Extravagant Carpet Designs

This is a funky and unique creation of JAB Anstoetz. It is a soft and luxurious product and made up from merino yarn that has been felted to create a unique tubular configuration out of the pile. Well, not it is only available in five colors, to get such carpet, you need to contact the designer.

Frieze Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

This type of carpet is mostly used in residential areas. It is also known as “twist” carpet and it refers to the carpet where each piece of the carpet is twisted many times. It is constructed of skinnier and long fiber strands than a traditional shag carpet. It is available in different colors that you can see on the internet.

Dune Seating Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

It has a double function, you can use it as a sofa cover and a carpet. It is also available in various designs and colors. This is an original design, but one that we find difficult when it comes to maintenance.

Flying Carpet :

Extravagant Carpet Designs

It was created by Seyed Alavi and it is actually an aerial view of the famous Sacramento River. This carpet is used by the Sacramento International Airport terminal with the airport parking garage. But the design is amazing that can be used anywhere or you can get the idea, to prepare a new one for your home.

As mentioned here, the carpet industry keeps introducing new carpet designs for their customers. You can go with bright colors or any textures you like.

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